A lot of cats are hatin', slandering makin' bad statements
Mad cause they sit on their ass just stagnating
Always vacillatin', now classmates I graduated with
Are wonderin' how the stupidest kid up in the class made it
Sick landscapin' and jammin' down in my mans basement
Getting restraints and complaints from mad neighbors
Now prejudice bigots say I sound just like them damn #@#
Them pair of lenses ain't repairin' their impaired vision
I'm on a mission escaping my own prison
Inflicting more pain then you're givin' see I'm my own victim
I can't believe I let you take up my time
Take up space in mind, give it here, I'm takin' what's mine

The only ounce of power that I have
Is what I do with now
And how I let the hours pass
I dont' know how long I'm gonna last
So I can't let ya snatch the powder out my hourglass

Everyday that I'm awake I face the angel of death
He may be taken my breath, so they can lay me to rest
And by now my inner state's the only place that I rep
The way that I dress is just another way to express
We know that some day everybody we see will be dead and rotten
Long forgotten, we oughta keep this for a normal topic
Because we all get caught up in all the drama
But what's the gossip gonna mean, when me and you are goners
See I never did audition for a part in this play
I know that some day I'll accidentally fall in my grave
So I can really give a shit about what all of ya say
According to me is how I'm spending all of my days


The world will keep turnin', the inferno will keep burnin'
But it's affirmative my life on Earth is impermanent
And since I'm visiting and my minutes here are limited
I ain't havin' or doin' shit if I ain't feelin' it
I'll lend a hand to a hurt pedestrian and I will help a friend
In any way that I can, but I can't let man get up in the way of my plans
Make me stray from my path, I can't be takin' that chance


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