"Say Goodbye" as written by and Lindsey Buckingham....
So you face yesterday
Thinking on the days of old
And the price that we paid
For a love we couldn't hold

I let you slip away
There was nothing I could do
That was so long ago, yeah
Still I often think of you

I fall down, I get up
And I've always had to fight
Everything that was wrong
For the things that were right

Now I finally found my way
Now I know just what to do
Once you said goodbye to me, yeah
Now I say goodbye to you

It's so hard to find your way
When the lies come around
Still it happens everyday
So don't let it get you down

Just a time within a time
Just a scheme within a scheme
A little world within a world
Yes, a dream, just a dream

Now I finally found my way
Now I know just what to do
Once you said goodbye to me, yeah
Now I say goodbye to you

Now I best be on my way
Before the night turns blue
Once you said goodbye to me, yeah
And now I say goodbye to you
Once you said goodbye to me, yeah
Now I say goodbye to you

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"Say Goodbye" as written by Lindsey Buckingham

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    General CommentI love this song. I can really picture a lot of memories with this song in the background. I think this song is about Lindsay talking about his relationship with Stevie. They had something really special, but due to circumstances and just life in general, they can't be together. He has a family and wife and chose them instead of her because Stevie was unfaithful to him. It still doesn't change the fact that they love each other and will always hold each other in their hearts. They've known each other since they were teenagers and letting go of someone who you've known so long and been so close with is so hard to do. He's letting go of their relationship little by little.

    Personally, I think of all of my past relationships and why they didn't work out. Who doesn't? We all love to ponder on what-if's and so forth. If things were different, would the outcome still be the same or would we be much happier? The first verse reminds me of my first love. She was my best friend and I never told her how that I loved her. It's been two years now and I still think of her, our memories, what would have happened if I had just told her and the person who she is now. I let her slip away, but more importantly, I let us slip away. She moved away in the summer and I never had closure, the last time we were together, we thought we would see each other again. Life doesn't work out like that. I never truly said goodbye to her and now it's too late to bring up the past.

    The third verse is my struggle to move on from something so devastating as losing your first love. It's about my fight to find the bright side of things when my reason to care about anything is gone. She drained away my vitality and personality, but I'm slowly regaining my old self back. Somehow, she has changed me forever and I don't think I'll ever be the same naive person I was when I gave my whole being to her.

    The interlude is just putting everything into perspective. All the relationships that were so meaningful lose their meaning as we grow older. They are captured and sealed in a glass bottle. The only thing that you can do is just gaze in wonder, but you can never touch it or feel it. You're just a stranger peeking at something that was once beautiful.

    The outro is about moving on and just letting things be. The past is the past. You can always go back, but why bother? The moment and feeling is gone, and it's so rare to recreate that kind of genuine love. I will always remember her as a time within a time and my dream within a dream. She was just a wish. The sad part is.. I am in love with a ghost of my past. I caught up with her and realized she changed into a whole new person who I don't feel the same for anymore. So what's worse than being in love with someone who you cannot have? What's worse is being in love with someone who doesn't exist anymore, and always having an exact copy who looks like that person but is just a cheap cardboard replica of a lost masterpiece.
    troblemson February 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentStevie was not unfaithful to Lindsey--She ended their relationship before she started seeing other men. As much as it seems like they should be together-their lives took a different path& I am glad they seem to be close once again. But she was not unfaithful to him.
    debraspencon September 18, 2014   Link

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