I'm smoking way too many Turkish jades
And sipping on Kentucky straight
And when it's empty
I'll drink aftershave in desperation

When I was younger I was just abused
That's why I'm always staring at my shoes
It's funny how the smallest things affect you in big ways
Why do the best things always go so wrong?
It's not enough for them to give your all
A revelation in the shower stall that love is futile

Down the drain through the sewer pipes
The remnants of a fucked up life
I kissed her once but fucked her twice
I'm like a beast but not as nice

And all the time I wasted on some girls
Just makes me want to wretch
My guys unfurled
The road to hell is paved with golden curls and headaches
I've known the tragedy of former friends
I've seen the desperate means to desperate ends
I'm going to die by liver, lung or chest or by my own hand
I had a relative who killed himself
He made his noose from his karate belt
I think I know how he must have felt
But I'm still breathing

Down the drain through the sewer pipes
The remnants of a fucked up life
I kissed her once but fucked her twice
Revenge is sweetest served on ice, yeah

Down the drain through the sewer pipes
The remnants of a fucked up life
I kissed her once but fucked her twice
The phone is off the hook tonight

There's going to be a suicide tonight
You never know, this time it might be mine
There's going to be a suicide tonight
Hopefully, this time it won't be friends of mine
Yeah, there's going to be a suicide tonight
A razorblade is bought to bleed some motherfucker dry
Yeah, there's going to be a suicide tonight
Another girl will stop the heart of just another guy

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Kentucky Straight Razor song meanings
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I believe this is another amazingly on point and nuanced commentary on the insanity that follows emotionally abusive relationships. The abuser has no anxieties, no emotional pain, or salience/memory for that matter, so the survivor appears to be the crazy one, obsessed with the abuse and that buzzword that seems to ignite arguments about diagnosing people without a degree, etc. funny how you say the words domestic violence, abuse, abuse survivor and boom the subject changes. Anyways, I especially relate to her midnights becoming afternoons, complex PTSD often leads to this phenomenon, whether due to purposeful sleep deprivation by the abuser, or just hyper vigilance associated with the PTSD, along with the fear of facing people, especially your loved ones, who Never actually understand, even if they try, because all they see is you, on fire, screaming about the arsonist that no one ever sees, and who has been spreading lies about your alleged mental instability, deceptive personality, etc. the whole time. While the last thing survivors need is more blame, our society supports a narrative that blames the objectively innocent party because the blatantly guilty party has spent their entire lives fabricating a persona and we’re just being human, and human psychology is quite counterintuitive especially in the context of trauma. Look at Amber Heard. Vilified and not believed, regardless of what any abuse survivor could recognize as a fellow survivor instantly. But Johnny depp is a malignant narcissist, a man, and wealthy as all get out. It’s sick.
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