"Can't Stop Won't Stop" as written by Dwight Myers, George Joseph Jr Porter, Arthur Lanon Neville, Leo Nocentelli, Joseph Jr Modeliste, Marlon Lu'ree Williams, Guy Williams, Robert Wiggins, Eddie Morris, Nathaniel Glover, Melvin Glover ...
Uh....Youngunas...Chris and Neef...chia ....Uh
Its official state P representnas....Woo. .....Woo
DJ Enough...
Uh....Youngunas...Chris and Neef......chia ..Uh
Its official state P representnas ....Woo. .....Woo

Can't stop, won't stop
Rocafella Records cause
We get down baby, we get down baby
Girls to girls they love us
Cause we stay fresh to deaf
We the best nuthin' less

They don't make us so break us
When they make-up to break up
See the Jay cup
Fix the lil make up
That's them youngunas Chris and Lil Neefy
Wishin' they was the one
But Chris got Lil Kee Kee
Home base Sham Coo back dere
Keep ya mouth shut
We might do that dere
Yep, its only right
That the whole block stares
Hop out the Bimp
With blue and white airs
When I say move
Nigga lets go and get Left yo
Mommie feelin my Baguess yo
My neck glow
Say I'm young but I can sex tho
Now could it be I'm the 1
Ladies check fo
Yes hoe
Got grown women
My moma age
Fuck me all kinda ways
Suck and swallow everythin'
Way before them rhymin' days
Naw it ain't 'bout the age
Its all in da stroke
Bitches thought I was a joke
'Til they got my jammies

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Yep, its only right
We don't treat them no cash
We ain't fleein' pass soon
When we see 'em we pass 'em
I know they hate
Cause we seein' that cash
And seein' right pass 'em
And I don't want to access 'em
No, no don't make me the bad one
Then negotiate when the man wit the badge come
You know the rules when a nigga was yappin'
Ain't no rappin'
When we see 'em we clappin'
Plastic bag 'em
Den we findin' a ditch (Yea)
Toss the magnum
Den we findin' dis bitch (Yea)
Take a step ova
The shit we left ova
Now I gotta and tell my niggas
What happen
Niggas betta believe we the youngest in charge (Yea)
Ain't takin' a deal
Man, I run wit a charge (Yea)
Chris and Neef
We runnin' dis rap shit
State Property poppin'
And you want it
You basterds

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

They see the Younguna
All the gurlie gurlies want to see the Younguna
Once they see the Rocawear (Wear!)
Little bit of jewels
Plus I treat 'em like I care (Care!)
Safe home base I jus treat 'em like a spare (Yea)
You know I stay wit a beautiful little thing
And afta me its Neef
Abusin that little thing, look (together)
You betta talk to you're gurl if she hot fam (together)
Cause I'm pretty sure she a rock fan
Mommie do you want
Us or him
Treat no I in a team
Fuck wit me, fuck wit dem
Get the ride for my dogs
That's the game baby gurl
Ain't no shame
Keep it clean
Keep a eye on my dogs you know
Neva brag
Neva blab wut you saw
Let dem mothafuckers kno you just as fast on the draw (for sho)
Let 'em know you need sum cash
For the drawls (Wooo)
Keep the shit between us
So they be blast on the saw

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

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"Can't Stop, Won't Stop" as written by Dwight Myers Joseph Jr Modeliste

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