"Easier to Lie" as written by Matthew Nicholas Hales and Kim Oliver....
To bear the weight and push into the sky
It's easier to lie, easier to lie
And honestly, to look you in the eye
It's easier to lie, easier to lie

To be the one, to be the only one
Someone has to give a lot
Something has to give a lot
And who am I to give you what you need
When I'm leaning, just learning
Learning how to live and to bear the weight..

To fill the space, the space you made for me
Try to be the one you want
Try to be the way you want
And maybe I could be the one you need
If you'd only show me
Show me how to live and to bear the weight

And push into the sky
It's easier to lie, easier to lie
And do what's right when everything is wrong
It's easier to run it's easier to
Never have to look you in the eye
It's easier to lie, easier to lie

To bear the weight and push into the sky
It's easier to lie

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"Easier to Lie" as written by Matthew Nicholas Hales Kim Oliver

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    General CommentHe looks her in the eye, and wants to tell her he loves her...but cannot. It is easier to lie, and say otherwise.

    This is someone in love, or who wants to be in love, but cannot 'bear the weight' of love.

    It starts out by presenting the problem, he sees this relationship--love in general--as a monumental task of heroic proportions, in fact 'to bear the weight and push into the sky.' He goes on to elaborate, saying it takes a lot to give, things may break, and doubting that he is the one capable of it 'something has to give a lot/ and who am I to give you what you need.'

    Rise Against in "Swing Life Away" says 'if love is a labor i'll slave till the end.' Here we have just the opposite: a man who cannot bring himself (because the love is not there or because it is too overwhelming?) to love. He can only avoid her eyes, lie, and run away.

    This girl is perfect, and he something in her eyes--a presence or a lack of his own love--either way, she has made 'space meant for [him.]' Perhaps this is the source of the piercing melancholy of the melody. He is alone and will always be becuase he knows he is a coward. This is evident when he pleads with her to teach him, to 'show him how to bear the weight...'

    In the end, though, it is still 'easier to lie'
    henrycharleson December 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think the contrast is the most amazing part of this song. THe fact that he uses the word "honestly" in the same chorus as the phrase "easier to lie." There is a definite fight there.

    I see the song from a guy's perspective, from the perspective where women say "I love you" a lot sooner. And someone said to him "I love you" and he didn't feel the same way, so it was easier for him (or anyone) so say it back and lie rather than not say it.

    In the second verse, it almost feels like he is obliged to feel the same. like he feels bad about not feeling the same. like maybe he should try harder to feel the same way.

    blah..it doesnt work, but its a great song...these are my thoughts on it. tell me otherwise.
    Ispeakthelawon August 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentokay well im taking a totally different perspective. Its probably wrong but still it fits perfect. I got this idea because i have been in this position. I was just listening to it and it completely clicked.
    I think the song is about the relationship between a parent (most probably single) and an only child (boy or girl) being in whatever age from 8-18. The parent probably has alot of problems and uses the child as a crutch. As the child grows older they realize when they have their own problems instead of making the parent worry about them they feel its easier to lie.

    To be the one, To be the only one (only child thing and being the only person for the parent)

    And who am I
    To give you what you need?
    Well I'm learning, just learning
    Learning how to live (how is the child supposed to help, when they themselves need help to grow)

    To fill the space,
    The space you meant for me
    I try to be the way you want (the child is trying the fill the impossible position the parent has for them)

    Well maybe I
    Could be the one you need
    If you'd only show me
    Show me how to live (sort of asking the parent to meet them halfway)

    And do what's right
    When everything is wrong (to tell the truth when the situation is so messed up)

    It's easier to run, it's easier to never have to look you in the eye
    It's easier to lie, easier to lie (its easier to lie then tell what the parent is doing to them)
    slammed234on August 29, 2008   Link
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    General Comment~amazing~
    xheartbreakerxon April 16, 2005   Link
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    General Commentto be fucked about by someone you really love, and would do anything for, for them only to turn around and walk away effectively. Leading on and lieing, i hope no-one has to face it, because it is the most gutting feeling.

    THe lyrics show that the man is asking for a second chance, asking how he should act for her, and what she wants. Maybe i'm completely wrong, but to be honest i'm not bothered as that's what i feel
    mafroon July 19, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthe would rather lie to himself and be someone he isn't to please this girl. maybe?
    allyouneediscakeon August 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI don't necessarily see this as a song to someone who he doesn't love, but rather a song to someone he DOES love, but doesn't love him back, or doesn't want him. "To bear the weight" tells me that the weight of the relationship is all on his shoulders; he struggles to keep her despite her lack of interest in and love for him.

    She's done something that makes his love difficult and give her the "upper hand" in the relationship. She's cold hearted, selfish, and a disgusting human being creating an uneccessary weight in his life. He "Could be the one (she) need(s) If (she)'d only show (him) how to live and to bear the weight" but it's easier to lie and tell himself that he's already that person, even though he knows he is most certainly not.

    It's "easier to run, it's easier, To never have, To look (her) in the eye", but the truth is, in the end it's much easier to lie, holding onto a fragile relationship.
    TheSinkon January 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentBy the way....what a great song.
    TheSinkon January 04, 2006   Link
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    General Commenthenrycharles, i love your interpretation...well put. It describes how i have been feeling lately.
    imastrayon May 23, 2006   Link
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    General CommentISpeakTheLaw- Thats how I always thought of it, too. And like.. It's easier to become what she wants him to be and lie about his feelings for her than see her sad because he does feel the same way right now. He thinks he might if he has teh chance too though.. so it's easier to lie.
    Balidollon August 29, 2006   Link

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