"Paradigm" as written by and Ani Difranco....
I was born to two immigrants
Who knew why they were here
They were happy to pay taxes
For the schools and roads
Happy to be here
They took it seriously
Just like a job of citizenry
My mother went campaigning door to door
And holding to her hand was me
Cause I was just a girl in a room full of women
Licking stamps and laughing
I remember the feeling of community blooming
Of democracy happening

But even though my parents were cool
I had to teach myself to see
All that stuff that got lost
On its way to church
All that stuff that got lost
On its way to school
All that stuff that got lost
On its way to the house of my family
But something was not lost on me

Teach myself to see each of us
Through the limbs of forgiveness
Like we're stuck with each other, god forbid
Teach myself to smile
And stop and talk to whole other color kids
Teach myself to be new in an instant like the truth
Is accessible at any time
Teach myself its never ever one or the other
It's a paradox in every paradigm

In my chest pocket was my house key
And my quarter to buy lunch
And on that big yellow bus
With my sign that said sucker
And I was off to the days suckering punch
But there are so many artists
Who would fall into magnet school
And I remember thinking that the long hair lady
Who called herself a poet was particularly cool
Someone stood up and gestured to a forest of options
And I found my path to joy through those trees
But I had to teach myself to keep coming back
To the view from a field from right in the middle of my peace

Oh yes
I was just a girl in a room
Full of women licking stamps and laughing
I remember the feeling of community brewing
Of democracy happening

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"Paradigm" as written by Ani Difranco


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    General CommentI can't believe there are no comments on this song yet, this albumn has been out since 2005! psh, haha.. this is such a strong little song. I love the rhythms and I'm not exactly sure what this means, but ani grew up with democracy even when her mother was holding her door to door campaigning, which is maybe one of the influences she had and the beginning to her hugely political self. basically all i can come up with so far..
    notaprettygirlRBRon December 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is amazing. The line "tre is a paradox to every paradigm" describes the whole song perfectly. There is a puzzle in every standard. Something that doesn't fit the mold and indescribable. Ani thought her parents were "cool" were good people or had the "right" thinking..but then again what does "right thinking" even mean. Everyone is different. There is always going to be a different way of looking at things that may seem "right" in another person's head. Me even stating my opinion on what this song means is how I personally see it...someone else may see it entirely differently.

    i had to teach myself to see
    all that stuff that got lost
    on its way to church

    perhaps maybe her parents preached a certain standard and tried teaching it to ani but they themselves didn't always abide by it. there was always some kind of contradictory. Ani noticed this right away and she kept it in mind..thus throughout life she has always tried to see things for how they are and be open about everything and anything? not write something off right away because the way you see it may not even be way you actually do it anyways.

    teach myself its never ever one or the other
    openon July 29, 2008   Link

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