It isn't a few miles this time,
Oh boy what have you gotten yourself into,
You've done it again, you've gone and fallen for the one you definitly can't have,
Tell me, where do I go from here?
She's got friends back home she's not alone like you,
Tell me how I can make these feeling dissapear,

She's not the one you've been waiting on,
You're just vulnerable, you'd take anyone,
If they have a pulse then I guess its fair game,
but all the girls I know look the same,
Maybe she's the one you've been waiting on,
And you're gonna let her go when she's finally come,
Get a grip man are you fucking crazy?
She's getting on a plane and headed back to austraila

I pray for days were I hear "you've got mail" from her,
Okay its official I am fucking crazy 'bout her,
Tell me how do I make it clear?
How I feel, without sounding retarded,
Tell me how to stop feeling broken-hearted


Im just an infatuation junkie, I move from girl to girl,
Im just a rejection junkie, I get a kick out of feeling hurt,
Im going crazy and is it any wonder?
My breaking heart is going down under,
all the shit that it's been put through,
but the scars are healing coz of you,
They're only gonna be cut open again,
Coz you dont know who I am and you're already boarding the plane
I can feel that this is the end,
My time with you is over before it began,


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You dont have mail and you never will song meanings
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