We all need a little penetration.
We all speak our own languages in our conversations.
We all need our own generation.
What's mine? What's mine?

Are you defined by this false desire?
Has this false flame put out the fire?
This inverted itch we scratch and for what?

Are you defined by this false desire?
Has this false satisfaction put out the fire?
Get righteous. Get right.

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    General CommentUm... I thought the title was a reference to Spinal Tap... the black album... the guy from Spinal Tap explains that they don't make a black any darker than the one they chose for printing... "there's none more black."

    Also I would say the "false desire" stuff is more of a reference to consumer culture... For instance in the Gatefold liner notes:

    "How do you identify yourself? Through career aspirations? Leisure aspirations? Money? There is a created, manufactured desire that motivates our lives within this commodity culture. Let passion run your life, not your boss."
    wiretapxscarson June 06, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song and the liner notes you mentioned are a pretty obvious nod to some prevailing ideas in technology philosophy, particularly those presented by proponents of the Frankfurt School, an institution often referenced in Orchid's music. The inclusion of themes encircling desire specifically invoke the work of Marcuse, who argued that our society's industrial production apparatus is driven by market forces that emphasize the fulfillment of "false needs." According to Marcuse, this practice is analogous to totalitarian oppression in that it necessarily suppresses individuality and is psychologically invasive. This is similar to another Frankfurt School thinker, Adorno, who Marcuse cites when asserting that the mass-production of culture leads to the marginalization of dissent.

    Essentially, the existence of dissent is assured (if not standardized), and is even incorporated by the forces in power. Dissent is assured, but also assuredly marginalized, or pushed away and often made obscure.
    ^Debaseron March 30, 2009   Link
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    General Commentdamn danizzle
    asongtopassthetimeon January 11, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwhen it says "are you defined by this false desire?" i think it means are you still searching for a false god? one that will not save you from the realities of life. "this inverted itch we scratch and for what?" may have something to do with questioning our existence..alot of philosophers dont believe in any actually answers to all the questions about the universe and existence. Orchid mentions Nietzche alot and he believed that no true nature of the universe exists simply because truth is always subjective. He was very much against Christianity and believed that human existence means nothing more than what we make of it ourselves. There is no Master plan so to speak. He was very deterministic..he believed that what happens in the future is an effect of an action made previously. So this line is basically saying, whats the point in asking all these philosophical questions if there are no answers? Then he says," has this false satisfaction put out the fire?" i think this means, has your questioning or perhaps your belief in a false god put your "fire" out. Fire being doubt..or the insatiable feeling of disatisfaction of life. I love Orchid they are an amazing band. Its so awesome that they talk about philosophy. it makes everything more interesting.
    Bornin68on January 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentYou're on to it.

    The title is a direct reference as well to nietzsche contra christianity.
    attack art!on May 28, 2006   Link

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