"Heartattack in a Lay By" as written by and Steven/balch Wilson....
I pull off the road
East of Baldock and Ashford
Feeling for my cell
In the light from the dashboard

Hissing from the road
The smell of rain in the air con
Maybe check the news
Or just put a tape on

Lighting up a smoke
I've got this feeling inside me
Don't feel too good

If I close my eyes
And fell asleep in this lay-by
Would it all subside
The fever pushing the day by

Motor window wind
I could do with some fresh air
Can't breathe too well

(She waits for me.
Home waits for me.)

I guess I should go now
She's waiting to make up
To tell me she's sorry
And how much she missed me
I guess I'm just burnt out
I really should slow down
I'm perfectly fine but
I just need to lie down

We'll grow old together
We'll grow old together
We'll grow old together

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"Heartattack in a Lay By" as written by Gavin Richard Harrison Colin Edwin Balch

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Heartattack in a Lay By song meanings
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    Song MeaningFrom an interview with SW:

    That makes sense. I know you don’t really want to talk about Porcupine Tree right now, but I have to ask you about my favorite song of yours, “Heartattack In A Layby.” Frankly, I think it’s a work of genius, and I wonder what made you write it.

    Oh, well thank you. It’s one of my favorites of mine, too. I think that for me, one of the things that’s always been the most heartbreaking about the human condition is the idea of regret. Regret for not having said what you should’ve said at the time or done what you should’ve done. Regret for not following your instincts and married the right person when you had the chance. All of that stuff. I think it’s terribly sad human quality, and “Heartattack In A Layby” is about regret. It’s all about a guy basically dying in a Layby and thinking about the way he’s left home the day before, the night before, the week before, or whenever. That incredibly potent sense of regret for not resolving this argument or row or whatever it was. I just thought it was a really beautiful image. Actually, when I started writing the song, it was about a man who’d been shot and he was lying in a Layby. But the I thought that what’s even more potent, in a way, is this idea that he’s having a heart attack and he doesn’t even realize that he’s dying. It was just that idea, really, and it’s definitely one of my favorite songs of them all, too. I’m glad you like it.
    jafeanon September 28, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI'm listening to this as I right. Why is it that I can't concentrate on anything but the understated beauty of this album? Help me, dear God, for I cannot listen to anything else.
    Gildenlowon June 01, 2004   Link
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    General Commentto this as I WRITE, that should be. Sorry, my hands are working faster than my brain. This song is too good.
    Gildenlowon June 01, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI agree with XIM for the most part EXCEPT for these points....

    Xim said "But instead of sleeping he gets out of his car to try and catch his breath. "

    I see NO EVIDENCE of this. Motor wheel unwind means he puts his window down to get fresh air, I dont see why anyone would assume he gets out of the car.

    Also XIM said "We'll grow old together.." he repeats to himself with a tear in his eye as he slowly lies down. His final thoughts. He knows it isn't true."

    Im not sure he doesnt believe its true. In fact I think he is denial that he is having the heartattack, he even says I will be fine, i just need to lie down, its like he is in denial saying, i'll be right, we will grow old together no worries, but the sad thing is you get the impression this isnt the case. The whole song is him sort of not realising he is having a heartattack, because he is always like, ill be ok, this feeling was pass over, i just need some air, i just need to slow down etc. But the tragic thing is, its likely he doesnt survive the heartattack.

    Such a beautiful amazing song.
    cageofmanon July 07, 2008   Link
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    My OpinionI think that the narrator is not happy with his life or his partner,but he's telling himself it's alright,eventually the stress gets to him and he dies of a heartattack,while telling himself that everythings okay.......

    Songs like this make me cherish my life.
    LC20on July 08, 2012   Link
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    General CommentWow, I just read interview with Steven Wilson where he says that this song is about man who had argued with his wife that morning and was coming back home, but finnaly he died. He had heartattack.
    m4t3kon April 13, 2005   Link
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    General Commentin absentia is truly a great piece of art. Hell, all of PT/SW works are
    sonoflifeon August 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAmazing song...I think it's about his car breaking down looking for his phone to call for help, which is symbolic of what he drove away from: a hurt relationship. He sits back thinking after deciding about whether to turn on the radio or not. He still sees hope and thinks that if he can just calm down, he can go back and make things better to cause the relationship to last longer (maybe even a lifetime)....that's what I get from it...The instrumentation is what really gets me with it!!
    komplexnouson October 12, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song really strikes me with it's beauty and sadness.

    I think it's about a guy who's time has come and realises that he will join his late wife/girlfriend...
    Zuchton April 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt may sounds sad but it has quite optimistic message..

    "she waits for me"

    This man should just stop smoking :)
    m4t3kon April 13, 2005   Link

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