"The Creator Has A Mastertape" as written by and Steven/balch Wilson....
He captured and collected things
And he put them in a shed
He raised a proper family
So he could tie them to a bed

The creator had a master tape
But he left it in a cab
I stared into the void tonight
The best dream I ever had

He worked himself into the ground
And drove a spike into his head
A voice said lare you happy now?
Your sordid home is running red?

Pills and chloroform
All the pages torn

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"The Creator Has a Mastertape" as written by Gavin Richard Harrison Colin Edwin Balch

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The Creator Has A Mastertape song meanings
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    General CommentSome interesting solutions over here. However, I have another idea about the song.
    As you might have noticed, the song 'Strip the Soul' from the In Absentia album seems to be about the serial killer Fred West (check the song on songmeanings and newcriminologist.com/…, you'll see it's a serious possibility).
    I think this song is about Fred West too, or maybe even the whole album; most people think IA is about a serial killer.

    'He captured and collected things
    And he put them in a shed
    He raised a proper family
    So he could tie them to a bed'

    Fred West was known for taking a part of each of his victims away, though nobody knows where he kept these trophies.
    He was also known for abusing his family, and West tied all his victims down - it gave him some sort of sick feeling of power he liked.

    'He worked himself into the ground'

    Fred used his cellar for his disgusting and sick deeds and later, he also used it as a bedroom for his son.

    'And drove a spike into his head'

    Not completely sure about this, but I think it has something to do with an accident Fred had - he once tried to 'get' a girl on a fire escape stairway and he fell on his head. It is said that after this accident, he became more unpredictable.

    BTK would be possible too... can't work out the chorus and last lines, but since there was another song on the album that was probably about Fred West, i thought this one just might be about him too.

    Sorry about my English; it's not my native language.

    Robert#371on December 07, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti just noticed that nobody analyzed the 2nd verse...i think i might have an idea of what it means.

    "The creator had a mastertape
    But he left it in a cab"
    I think this is referring to god, being the creator, and how he is supposed to be the one who creates and ends life (his mastertape). but god has lost the power to end life ("he left it in a cab") because the killer has taken that power into his own hands.

    "I stared into the void tonight"
    I think this line is meant to add imagery to the song. also staring into space for long periods of time is associated with schizophrenia.

    "The best dream I ever had"
    i think the dream he is referring to is killing his family. its as if he wasnt conscious while he was committing the act

    this could be stretching it, but its all i could come up with
    Drewb18c1on January 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIn addition to all of the serial killer connotations, this might be a shout-out to indy comics creator Matt Howarth and his "Post Brothers" universe. The god of this universe appears to be Professor Ed, a normal-seeming guy with a studio full of tapes containing all of the data that makes up reality.

    Howarth is a huge fan of progressive and experimental rock and has probably mentioned Porcupine Tree in his music review comics.
    kreniighon May 20, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationanyone ever thought of this?
    people seem to have problems with sound of muzak fitting into the whole serial killer concept of In Abesntia. what if the killer actually is a musician (or sth. similar) and "The Sound of Muzak" describes his feelings for the industry?
    He's not very succesfull, which is driving him mad and close to suicide ("Prodigal").
    He has a great idea for a song or album which would make him successfull (the mastertape) but he actually leaves it in a cab, which is the final thing to go wrong and he turns insane / releases his aggressions.

    has anyone ever thought of this idea?
    flSuizidkommandoon July 12, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThis song is so dark and anticipatory (for the lack of a better word). It's like you are awaiting something with quite an impact to occur. After 3:20, the little break occurs and the spacey vocals start and just complete the sound of the song, which is done very well! The instrumentation is quite heavy yet still melodic (to my industrial-metal-art-rock-jazz-fusion-ambient-and-progressive-etc.-loving ears). ;) Also, for some odd reason, I get images of the movie Pi in my head, especially the "drove a spike into his head" part. Porcupine Tree is truly one of the most evolving bands out right now.....ahh, awaiting Deadwing!! ^_^
    komplexnouson March 17, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song seems to be about the thoughts of the serial killer in question as he's actually committing the atrocious acts. The overall 'feel' of the song lends to this notion as well.
    emo_bahon October 20, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt seems to be about someone who raises a family only to kill them all in the end.
    AnotherBrickon July 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAHHHH!!! I have no idea what this song means at all, it's still an awesome track though. Has a very gloomy feel to it (in a good way).
    Crujebsulon November 24, 2006   Link
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    General Commentby 2nd verse I meant chorus lol
    Drewb18c1on January 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentJimy Hendrix left the master tape of one of his albums in a taxi once, and lost it.
    JohnDiFoolon January 10, 2007   Link

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