"The Room" as written by and Christopher John Cheney....
In a room you can build a home
Plant the seed and life begins to grow
When it's outgrown life inside
How will it live?
And will it survive?
On it's own outside

I wonder if the world is just the same
And does the life that I knew still remain
Journey to the life outside
Return to those I left behind

'Cause I'm ready to go now
Yes I'm ready to go now

I want to get back to the city
Get on with my life
Cause I've done my time
And I'm ready to go now

So now it's time to leave the room
And not for one minute too soon
If you spent 16 years
Then you'd almost understand

Time waits for no man to return
A whole new set of rules to learn
It had been 16 years
Since they put me in the cell

We will never leave
We ain't ever gonna leave the room
We could be here for life
We will never leave the room

And as it all gets rearranged
You find that everything has changed
And there's no place for you
In this foreign world

You always believed
One day you'd be free
And never return so soon

If I lent my arms to you
Would you hold me
And embrace me
Or replace me

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"The Room" as written by Christopher John Cheney

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    General CommentYeah i have Modern Artilary, also awesome song. I agree with you guys, it's about a guy leaving prison, but when he leaves, everything is just so different to the prison cell he was in for 16 years. The first verse is real clever, it's like a metaphore to he's life in prison. You can plant a seed, put it in a pot indoors, it'll get used to the weather, the conditions. if you move it outside suddenly, would it survive with the different conditions? Chris is reffering to the guy of the song, and would he survive in the outside world. Obviously, it says that 'he's ready to go now' he's ready to get out of prison, back to his real life. He finds out that the outside world was not what he expected, it's different, and as guitaristTLE says, 'foreign' to him. The one thing i don't understand is the chorus, why does he say 'we will never leave the room?' when he's obviously, reffering to the cage his spent 16 years of his life with, is it coz he's so used to it, that he's grown to it's surroundings, like the plant? i don't know, maybe i'm wrong but thats what i've always thought...
    CoinXOperatedXGirlon March 03, 2006   Link

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