Break my face in was the kindest touch you
Ever gave
Wrap my dreams around your thighs and
Drape my hopes upon the chance to touch your arm

Fabulous Muscles
Cremate me after you cum on my lips
Honey boy place my ashes in a vase beneath your workout bench

No romance, no sexiness but
A star filled night
Kneeling down before now familiar flesh of your deformed penis
Wigging out before the unfamiliar flesh of my broken neck

Fabulous Muscles
Cremate me after you cum on my lips
Honey boy place my ashes in a vase beneath your workout bench

Fabulous Muscles
Cremate me after you cum on my lips
Honey boy place my ashes in a vase beneath your workout bench

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    General CommentThis used to be my thing. Hook up with some steroid queen from Gold's, all swollen muscle bellies, striated limbs, veins like a tangle of electrical cables, shrivelled hormone-addled cock and recessed balls. I would imagine being overpowered by him, my neck between his lats and hammy triceps, being crushed under his heaving bulk, all blood and cum, just before my eyes pulled into their sockets and my lungs collapse the last thing I see is his towering indifferent figure, toweling off like he just finished a set.
    twocenton August 22, 2005   Link
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    General Commentobviously this song is about the narrator (who we can assume is a male- Jamie Stewart) hooking up with a guy who is "straight", but uses him for oral sex. "break my face" he probably shoved his weiner upon him ungracefully, but that is the "Kindest touch" he'll ever receive from him. "wrap my dreams around your thighs" wrap his head/mind around his thighs while he's blowing. "drape my hope upon the chance to touch your arm" this guy who is getting blown by him im sure is so embarrassed to be gay he won't even let the blower (jamie stewart) touch him in any other way. fabulous muscles = the penis is a muscle. "cremete him after he cums on his face" meaning, there is no point for the narrator to go on anymore, he lives to do this and after, he knows hes going to be sent home by this guy so he would just rather be cremeted. "put my ushes underneath your work out bench" work out bench, a very manly thing to have. "no sexiness, no romance" because the guy who is getting sucked off doesn't want any of that, he just wants a blowjob. "but a starfilled night" the narrator is so pleased just to be able to give this guy head, he's finding an upside to it." kneeling down before the now familiar flesh of your deformed penis" meaning this isn't the first time this has happened. this isn't the first time he is getting used to give this guy head. this is probably why the song was inspired, he's tired of being used and not receiving any love back. "wigging out before the unfamiliar flash" meaning, he's probably getting excited "wigging out" because he knows he's going to cum. "of my broken neck" when guys are about to ejaculate they really enjoy when you suck on it well. so they tend to thrust your neck pretty hard.

    you idiots. its totally obvious what this song is about.
    riptionaryon June 26, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIf anyone has read the book mama black widow the song pretty much is about what happens to otis.
    iirzon October 22, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti'm currently reading the "Mama Black Widow" book right now--i accidentally found it in a bookstore, and got it on a whim just because i love this song.

    the novel is just like many xiu xiu songs, full of heartbreak and tragedy. no wonder jamie wrote a song about the main character. he perfectly captured the rawness of the novel and made it his own. fucking gold!

    kerwhamon June 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentPerhaps not. The last four lines don't make sense to me.

    For the rest, my interpretation is simply that this is about a girl who is absolutely in love with a guy who simply uses her for sex. She realizes this, but can't admit it to herself.

    The 'of your deformed penis' is what throws me off. Perhaps it is a reference to him not caring; that he doesn't even have an erection?
    Drealothon October 19, 2004   Link
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    General CommentA girl/guy is in love with this guy who kills them.
    Ar0onon October 23, 2004   Link
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    General CommentActually it's two guys. They're gay.
    clances1on November 11, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe gender of the singer isn't specified.
    Drealothon December 02, 2004   Link
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    General CommentNecrophellia?
    iluvpradaguyon December 07, 2004   Link
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    General CommentMama Black Widow is a book about a black drag queen in the ghettos. It was written by Iceberg Slim, an ex-pimp. Good stuff.
    Tristax!on December 21, 2004   Link

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