Three / four decades bored...
Oh me oh my
I am almost speechless with the irony.
Whatever happened to the victims of the most monstrous crime in history?
From justifiably angry camp survivors, steeped in zionism, to bookshelf copies of Mein Kampf with neatly crossed out anti-semitism.

You're not learning the lessons taught.
Your cycle of history is pathetically short.
You were there, you saw and heard, and thus destroyed the lessons of Nuremberg.

You'd kiss that shining Lipstadt,
Fresh from judicial victory.
But I class her academia with Irving, her enemy.
And I won't have that accusing finger turned around and pointed at me.

You compound your racism by painting criticism with the broad brush charge of bigotry.
Ao think before you open your mouth and don't tell me it didn't happen.
These sights and sounds engraved on hearts.
We can't doubt the voices of the million dead, but we can't doubt the indigtment of these honest men (gaza, west bank, hebron, jerusalem...).
We saw your bloody thumbprints on the gun-stocks in beirut
And we heard your hateful footsteps at the temple of the mount
So come on sharon
Face up.
It's too easy to let hate breed hate but that'll never be a decent excuse.

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    General CommentI don't know whether Frank Turner is Jewish, which would maybe alter my interpretation of this song a little.

    I get the impression that although he understands how the "...justifiably angry camp survivors..." felt following World War II, and despite the fact that anti-Semitism is a hushed subject these days that people are all to keen to deny exists; Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon isn't helping the cause of his people by acting like a bigot (thereby ignoring the last fourty years of Middle Eastern history) and thus ignoring the Palestinian plight.

    Personally, I wouldn't call Sharon a raciest. I believe him to be a man locked in the same power war as a lot of other world leaders. His methods aside, I'll leave it for someone else to comment on his whether his motive really is a hatred of Arabs or not.

    I also find it interesting the way he sets the record straight with the first verse (that he supports the Jewish cause), before launching off on Sharon. A sad sign of the times, having to cover your own backside before you present you argument.

    I really like this song, and the message of 'learning from history' it conveys. Hate 'must' never breed hate, its contradictory to our own purpose as human beings to ignore the lessons we learn from the mistakes we make.
    Miscellaneouson March 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentA friend of mine insisted that this song was dismissing the Holocaust and saying that Jerusalem should belong to Palestine.

    However, on studying it myself, I believe he is totally wrong.

    I think hat Frank is trying to say is that the Jews are in the right in that Jerusalem is rightfully theirs, but that their leader Ariel Sharon is being a total fool in his running of the country.

    So I think it is a poke a Sharon himself, and not the Jewish race as a whole.
    julezfireexiton March 24, 2007   Link

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