Why should you take the blame? You chew up and swallow their accusations. You've choked on the king's poisoned fare. This is your reward for all you've done for me. I tried to protect you but you took the fall anyway. Why should I have to be put through this? It's killing me. It's a war between right and ridiculous. Someone will pay for this when we find the truth. It seems that things would all be fine if I could leave your world behind. I told you before that I'd eat a bullet for you. And, it seems to me, the lines we walk are parallel. Everthing's gone to hell for all those involved. I know you want me out of this, to just give up, to stop, forget. I'm in this with you until your probems are solved. Why should I have to be put through all this? It's killing me. Our hearts are our hearts, she said. Crimson spreads the paint, then blackens as it dries. Light match and cauterize the can where it's torn. Force the drugs to bend the will. The cure was crushed as was the pill. The ribcage spilt wide, the heart begs the crowbar for more. So goodbye, I'll see you in paradise if one day I roll the dise and end up there with you. You died for life, you lost to win. A breath that wends what chokes begin. Leave the rose red and I'll make sure that violets stay blue. Why should I have to be put through this? It's killing me. Our hearts are our hearts, she said as she bled to save the one thing that lived only through her, and her heart begs the crowbar for more... The heart begs the crowbar for more. Pull the blindfold over me so I can't see you one last time before you leave. I would nail your feet to the floor if I thought that it would keep you here. I would drink the poison that stained your blood if dying I could let you live. This is a day that I thought I'd never see. Six years can't prepeare you for what a flash of cold steel takes away.

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A Breath That Ends What Chokes Begin song meanings
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