Where should I begin cripplin' all you villains in
Never injuring the civilians that are innocent
So sick of listening to a bunch of synonyms
Same band every man but aint no need to mention them
You actors had me crackin' up with laughter
Now you gonna have to hear another cracker rapper
Still hearing all of these people callin' me a wannabe
But I'm gonna keep it going 'cuz you heard them all from me

You can cover your ears, but the noise won't stop,
Your still gonna hear the white trash hip-rock.
You can cover your ears, but the noise won't stop,
You know your still gonna hear the white trash hip-rock,
You can cover your ears, but the noise won't stop!

See everything's a challenge when you're chemically imbalanced
So I thought a single soul would never see my talent
Y'all figured by now that I would throw the towel in
Tellin' me repeatedly the genre's overcrowded
But some of these cats are done with the past
And I wonder if they ever had a love for the craft
No you'll never see my turntablist in the back, pretending to scratch
Cuz anyone who did it is wack.


To all the Blinks, Eddie Vedders and the Kurt Cobains
It's a shame you impersonators sound the same
You can't resurrect a legend and emulate the veteran
Man I would love to level the devil who let them in
Instead of breaking out a switchblade and carving it in
I'll address the enemy and stab his heart with a pen
You can't wait for this hip rock style to end
I'm sorry my friend, this shit has just started again!

Chorus 2x

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White Trash(Hip Rock) song meanings
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