Yo it's Scraps, check the stats I bust nuts and not caps
ya wanna know about me here's the haps
I wake up in the morning slap my bitch and drink some coffee
pour a bowl of Capt'n Crunch and wait until they're soggy
watch the news, read the paper, get dressed, and brush my teeth
then I hops in my ride, full blast I’m pumpin' beats
wavin' at the freaks, honkin' at the hoes,
whistlin' at the shorty's wearin' barely any clothes
see I'm livin' day to day my middle fingers in the air
I used to give a fuck now I just don't fuckin' care
The world best prepare, cuz I’m a man that’s on a mission,
You’ll get caught like booby traps cuz I’m known to make ya listen
Used to call me vision, cuz I could see what’s missin’
But now Scraps has risen and it’s time to start the dissin’
No longer holdin’ back, I’m movin’ on from the past
Treat shows like house parties,
I’m leavin’ em trashed.

White boy with styles you feel, Scraps is known to keep it real 2x

I'm white like the moon, I'm white like Casper
white like cocaine and i'm white like plaster
white like mayonnaise and i'm white like lacquer
but I'm not your everyday average white rapper
I'm white like lotion I'm white like Valium
if ya wanna get specific I'm white like cum
it aint about where I'm from but I'm whiter than Aspirin
comin' in a mist i'm whiter than Tinactin
Yo color aint an issue but I'm whiter than a tissue
white like the flag when you surrender cuz' I dissed you
whiter than flower, I'm white like clam chowder,
I’m white like George Bush snorting up white powder

White boy with styles you feel, Scraps is known to keep it real 2x

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