"Give It All" as written by Joseph Principe, Timothy Mcilrath, Brandon Barnes and Christopher Chasse....
Break through the undertow
Your hands I can't seem to find
Pollution burns my tongue
Cough words I can't speak so I stall myself again, then I fall to the surface
Fill my lungs with air
Then let it out

I give it all
This is the reason that I sing
So give it all
Cause it's these reasons that belong to me

Rock bottom's where we live
And still we dig these trenches
Bury ourselves in them
Backs breaking on the tension

For far too long these voices
Muffled by distances
It's time to come to our senses
And from the dark

We give it all
This is the reason why I sing
So give it all
It's these reasons that belong to me

Breathe, the air we give
The life we live
Our voices raising distances
So when my tongue
Break into song
You seize a competition

So please believe your eyes
Of sacrifice
Is not what we had in our minds
I'm coming home tonight, home tonight

We give it all
This is the reason why I sing
So give it all
It's these reasons that belong to me

Today I offer up myself to this I'm living for my dying wish
I give it all
Now there's a reason, there's a reason
To give it all

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"Give It All" as written by Christopher Chasse Brandon Barnes

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    General Commentthis song is definnitely political since they r political but i believe this song is about the troops in any where across waters that r figthing those pointless wars and r dying for no reason but still there gonna give it there all so they can come home tonite
    Rock bottoms where we live
    And still we dig these trenches
    Bury ourselves in them
    Backs breaking on the tension
    For far too long these voices
    Muffled by distances
    Its time to come to our senses
    And from the dark we GIVE IT ALL
    that part makes the most sense of it and the part about muffled voices from distances i believe that means that Bush is telling them wut to do but hes across the world not experiencing the madness there going through but thats just my opinion
    muahaha4on December 28, 2004   Link
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    General CommentIf you watch the music video for this, it shows these people running around town with black hoodies on with bandanas covering their mouths and nose, carrying spray paint bottles. At the beginning they look like teenagers. As you keep watching, it shows them spray painting over signs and stuff. Like, over a fast food bilboard, it says '' 45 callories of heart attack ''. Then, it shows them inside a zoo by a tiger's cage and they stick a sticker onto the display that says '' I've been locked up in a cage my entire life. '' As the sun comes up, they run into an alleyway and take off their street clothes which reveal business suits and such. Then, they all enter the same office.

    I think it's basically about people, average day people, people you wouldn't expect, speaking out against their country in ways such as graffiti, and stuff. They're sick of their voices being overlooked. Like, they aren't just against war, they're against the imprisonment of animals or something and those are things that are important to them.
    Angels_Fuckon January 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentman..somebody screwed up those lyrics pretty bad. here's what they should be:

    break through the undertow
    your hands i cant seem to find
    pollution burns my tongue
    cough words i cant speak
    so i stop my struggling
    and i float to the surface
    fill my lungs with air
    then let it out

    i give it all
    now theres a reason why i sing
    i give it all
    and its these reasons that belong to me

    rock bottoms where we live
    and still we dig these trenches
    to bury ourselves in them
    backs breaking under tension
    for far too long these voices
    muffled by distances
    its time to come to our senses
    up from the dirtwe give it all

    breathe the ari we give
    the life we live
    our pulses racing distances
    so wet my tongue
    break into song
    through seas of competetion
    so please believe your eyes
    a sacrifice is not what we had in our minds
    im coming home tonight
    home tonight

    we give it all
    this is the reason why i sing
    so give it all
    and its this reason that belongs to me
    today i offer up myself to this
    im living for my dying wish

    i give it all
    now theres a reason
    theres a reason
    to give it all

    sorry...i just had to clear all that up..great song
    dorkrawker86on February 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song IS about giving it all to what you stand for! This has great vocals, and I respect that
    shoremenrockeron March 31, 2005   Link
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    General Commentoooooookay. The meaning of this song I feel was meant to be open to interpretation, but there are still limits to what can be taken into consideration when interpreting this. We have three things here:
    Environment, Government, Media.
    All of those relate to eachother but the lyrics posted ARE wrong and the correct ones still aren't specific. So to break it down, I feel that the song is refereing to how average day to day people, people you you see everyday, just consume resources, and ignore the real problems with the world, and produce more waste as they consume other things, which hightens the demand for resources which is a real problem so people ignore it and produce more waste yada yada yada you see where that one's going.
    Someone used the very apropriate word, about how the song ENCOURAGES us to not give into the horrible aspects of American Culture that constantly warps our minds. I mean the music takes a really really serious turn to help point that out when he sings "So please believe your eyes of sacrifice, its not what we had in our minds." And the music video was just a bunch of people forcing the city to recognise a bunch of issues that we (as an apathetic society) don't really pay attention to until something bad happens. Say like a lawsuit against McDonalds, or hearing about 100 tigers that were killed for illegal Chinese medicines. So the actual meaning of the song, is simply: stand for what you stand for, take action, and give it all.
    Johnny C.on November 09, 2005   Link
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    General CommentNew cd fuckin kicks ass. this song reminds me of the old rise against sound.. definetly not a band that gets old or changes their style.
    refinehateloveon September 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentIM not exactly sure, it could be about how they give it all to the fans or for some reason i think its about the war on terrorism. Seeing as how they are against Bush, I may not be too far off.
    MoFroon November 15, 2004   Link
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    General CommentHe sings for himself... and he has his reasons...
    that's what i get from it...
    and i think it could have somthin to do with censorship to...
    insanejesteron December 16, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis song is on the rock against bush album, so i agree with mofro, still an amazing song. iv never heard as much emotion put into a word as the 'all' in this song
    max112on December 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentSingle of the year. One of the few songs that can be catchy and still have meaning.
    NoLightToSeeByon December 22, 2004   Link

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