"Follow" as written by Benjamin Burnley, Aaron Fincke, Mark James Klepaski, Jeremy Hummel and William Corgan....
I'm losing sight
Don't count on me
I chase the sun
It chases me

You know my name
You know my face
You'd know my heart
If you knew my place
I'll walk straight down
As far as I can go

I'll follow you, you follow me
I don't know why you lie so clean
I'll break right through the irony

Enlighten me
Reveal my fate
Just cut these strings
That hold me safe

You know my head
You know my gaze
You'd know my heart
If you knew your place
I'll walk straight down
As far as I can go

I'll follow you, you follow me
I don't know why you lie so clean
I'll break right through the irony

Cure this wait
I, I hate this wait

I'll follow you, you follow me
I don't know why you lie so clean
I'll break right through the irony
I don't know why, I don't know why

I'll follow you, you follow me
I don't know why you lie so clean
I'll break right through the irony

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"Follow" as written by Jeremy Hummel Benjamin Burnley

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    General CommentJust to clarify, the couple doesn't have to be Romeo and Juliet, just two people in the same situation.
    cypherzon October 09, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis was the first Breaking Benjamin song I head, and it from the very beginning it has been a very personal song to me. But I still can't figure out what it means. I think the chorus is the key to understanding it.

    I've always had the idea it is about two people, not necessarily lovers, who are standing on the brink of such a great relationship but they are holding each other back. Perhaps from fear, or ignorance of what they could do for each other. There is a massive potential that they see in one another, but at the same time they don't know how to reach for it.

    "I follow you, you follow me...
    I'll break right through the irony..."

    The irony of the relationship is that when two people in a relationship have the desire to LEAD the other, they get nowhere because they are constantly following one another back and forth...back and forth without direction or purpose. If they both agreed to WALK in the same direction, together, as one, they could achieve so much. That is the irony of their relationship.
    TheBigMattowskion February 10, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is my take. I am going through this situation with somebody extremely important to me. I wouldn't do the point justice if I didn't collectively term him as my soul mate. I'm the kind of person to pay attention to intuition, feelings, underlying things usually that go completely unnoticed. I believe these things exist because I have proof enough to me to believe so. Its like love, you can't see it but you KNOW its there. That being said...I will only admit this here....not even to anybody else including myself. My most cherished, best friend...I'm completely head over heels in love with him. I have been for yeeeaaarrrrsss. At one drunk point, I spilled my heart out all over him....end result? He quit talking to me and later when we reconnected, he said it was because I was being clingy.Ouch. So I sucked it up, put my best friend mask back on and play the game just to be around him. This will come off as ego but I mean for it to be conveyed as a feeling of complete truth. There is something there between him and I. We've hooked up, a few times sparingly (which I think is to prevent clingyness) yes drinks were involved, but not to the point he's not aware of what he's doing- its different. He seems to think I'm not looking but usually he can be very emotionless as a person, but HOW he looked at me when we 'connected'- and even just other random instances- there's something his eyes are telling me- I know I sound completely non-fact based but I'm the kind of person where I give hints on how I truly feel to remain protected because my heart engulfs things like a protective cocoon to protect those I truly love. Here's the kicker...I was engaged...wore the ring by accident -yes I tried hiding it from him- but like I said, I leave hints...I think I may have had him bite. Needless to say, engagement off, single, and about to move out...into a house....with him and his friend. His idea. Interesting eh? lol So I felt I had to give a little back story to explain my perception of this song that has suited itself to my reflective learning process of what the heck is going on between me and him- I'm literally studying us....body language...reading between the lines...pupil dilation...I'm scavenging for the same hints I drop but with him, I'm finding them. Bad Part? A debilitating fear of repeating the same course as the last time-clingy=no best friend, soul mate, anything. I love and care for him soooo much and want him to know it all because I am so open to him, and I'm not an open person. Anyways onto the song....

    I'm losing sight, don't count on me. (losing focus because of self doubt- am I really the soul mate destined to make his life amazing?

    I chase the sun, it chases me. (I chase him and he chases me- he's the light in my dark- the day to day game we play)

    You know my name. (didn't expect him to care about my name, but he knows it)
    You know my face. (he reads "reactions" as he has admitted- i.e. he reads people, studies them,like I do)
    You'd know my heart. (he could...)
    If you knew my place. (if he realized the feeling I have for the soulmate presence- I believe anyways)
    I'll walk straight down. (with confidence....)
    As far as I can go. ( I will keep going because of the faith I have that we're meant to be )

    I follow you. ( I'm still there....and won't leave because I know the hidden secret- faith based )
    You follow me. ( I pay attention to his cues....)
    I don't know why you lie so clean. ( he's intuitive, I know he sees/feels it but continues friendship basis- faith based)
    I break right through the irony. ( I see the soul mate aspect clearly, we remain friends based for comfort and protection from what he's fearful of, he chases chicks around me for sport, I allow and promote it to retain my comfort and protection and to study his reactions....he lets out the bad boy and comes back to what's trustworthy and protective....me)

    Enlighten me. (He noticed "I look down whenever I talk about him" (ex-fiance)He notices the fact he makes me laugh and smile and pulls me out of my head of chaos...and I pay attention to EVERYTHING he says- not in stalker freak way, I'm literally intrigued and enlightened.
    Reveal my fate. (the 'love' reveal happened awhile ago, I fear he thinks I no longer feel that way because I have become soooo good at the friendship mask- I want him to reveal my passion and love for him)
    Just cut these strings that hold me safe.(my mask...I'm ready to reveal but still hold the mask for protection of being humiliated from allowing my feelings for him out- the fear still exists from the "clingy" situation

    You know my head. (he knows what others never have or can see...I'm good at the mask thing.)
    You know my pains. (he's my best friend....he is the only one who knows truly what goes on in my life. I respect our connection and treat it with the highest honor of knowing me inside out- accept for the love part :/
    You'd know my heart. (he could find out....)
    If you knew your place. (if he knew his place- yeah literally)
    I'll walk straight down.(with confidence....)
    As far as I can go. ( I will keep going because of the faith I have that we're meant to be )

    As you can see I am hopelessly devoted to him. Almost like a marriage without the option of divorce. He is the one...I can feel it....like love...I feel and know it exists....but I can't get through. I don't know why. I fear its because he doesn't believe or have the faith I do for 'us'. I am caught in the middle of this warfare of love currently. We'll be moving in together soon with another roomie who can help strengthen my friendship mask, but I venture forth without fear to further study and learn about this "feeling" of soulmate is about. I never believed in it before....until I found him. Day 1 I knew he was the one...honestly...he doesn't open up to just anybody as I have learned...the first night we met my sister was throwing herself at him (she has done this to boyfriends of mine, they always met the same fate...dumped for their action....but he didn't fall for it....and he stayed up talking to me til 5am....there's something there....if anyone can tell me if I'm crazy for feeling this way....please tell me lol
    crazy2apointon August 22, 2011   Link
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    General CommentMan, I love this song. The chorus rocks!
    CRYN_OUTon June 05, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOh I know, the chorus definitely kicks ass! Yeah this is definitely one of my favorite songs from BB. This and Sooner or Later... great GREAT band
    akin1107on June 08, 2004   Link
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    General CommentAwsome band/song ... "Enlighten me. Reveal my fate. Just cut these strings that hold me safe." my favorite verse
    sofarfromhereon December 07, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti don't understand how only a few people have commented on this song, its one of the best on their new cd and one of my favorite's to just sit back and think about life..

    Great song...ben is a very good writer..didn't hurt to have billy corgan co-write this song tho lol
    loc4485on January 04, 2005   Link
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    General Commentdefinately the best breaking benjamin song. This is what real rock is suppose to be.
    rookrocks.comon January 07, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti actually dont know what this song is about... something follorwing him?
    xblink_theusedxon February 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think he's used to being around people and he tries to gain independence but hes kinda scared or maybe it just seems that way to me cuz im inttensely bored.
    Music_Loveon February 16, 2005   Link

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