It's coming from so far away
It's hard to say for sure
Whether what I hear is music or the wind
Through an open door
There's a fire high in the empty sky
Where the sound meets the shore
There's a long distance loneliness
Rolling out over the desert floor

And the years that I spent lost in the mystery
Fall away leaving only the sound of the drum
Like a part of me
It speaks to the heart of me
Forget what life used to be
You are what you choose to be
It's whatever it is you see
That life will become

Whatever it is you might think you have
You have nothing to lose
Through every dead and living thing
Time runs like a fuse
And the fuse is burning
And the earth is turning

Though the years give way to uncertainty
And the fear of living for nothing strangles the will
There's a part of me
That speaks to the heart of me
Though sometimes it's hard to see
It's never far from me
Alive in eternity
That nothing can kill

Oh Lord
Are there really people starving still?
Look out beyond the walls of Babylon
How long will their needs go unfilled
I want to say right now I'm going to be around
I'm going to be around
When the walls and towers are crumbling
When the towers are tumbling down
And I will tune my spirit to the gentle sound
I want to hear the sound
Of the waters lapping on a higher ground
Of the children laughing

Lyrics submitted by Howard55

"The Fuse" as written by Jackson Browne

Lyrics © Jackson Browne/Swallow Turn Music/Night Kitchen Music/Open Window Music

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    General CommentThis is actually my first comment ever. I've enjoyed looking up a few artists like Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteen, seeing all the perspectives on some wonderful poetry.

    The Fuse is one of my favorite JB songs and I was surprised no one had commented yet. I love the way Browne framed his albums, beginning with a great lead-off, and this is no exception. The Fuse is a very transcendent song that sets the scene for Browne's most intriguing album. Browne decides all the things from his past that haunt him, all the difficulties of his lifestyle at the time, and the morose state of society aren't worth surrender when you can write your own destiny (literally) with a gifted perspective and eloquence, and move through it all. He has something special that no one can take away. This is an affirmation that peace and happiness are possible if you find something within yourself that you truly appreciate and are willing to spend your life expanding on it. This is my favorite part:

    There's a part of me
    That speaks to the heart of me
    Though sometimes it's hard to see
    It's never far from me
    Alive in eternity
    That nothing can kill
    tgh86on January 18, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSo beautifully written- to me, it's always been about keeping some part of yourself protected and untainted even during the difficult and draining times, that life and circumstance can pull you in unexpected and sometimes even harmful directions, but that there is goodness and strength that remains, longing to be reclaimed.
    csuzanneon October 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentA beautiful song, about the faith that overcomes all the uncertainty and anxiety that "strangles the will". The music is haunting and beautifully performed. The shift in the music from the somber minor haunting feel to the uplifting exciting major key is brilliant. The music and lyric find hope and optimism in a climactic moment. JB is one of the greats!!
    gregjohnsonon November 21, 2013   Link
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    My OpinionThis is my first comment, and I specifically made this my first.

    I have come to a grand conclusion, and I want to share it with the many humans who's Fuses are burning as well.
    This song has impacted my life like no other. There are no words. This song, for me, is not something which I hear and relate to, it is something I feel and live with. So lyrically true and profound, it hurts and stings like a hot blade going through my heart.
    Something I have noticed when I listen to the song is the drum at the ending instrumental. The more and more I focus on the drum, it feels like my heart, beating, and beating, until it fades into the end. Perhaps it symbolizes how when you die, you drift off without noticing.....
    TimeTheFuseon September 09, 2018   Link
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    My OpinionOverall, wonderful melody and production. I can hear the fuse burning in the song. The lyrics are personal and start with some pessimism which yields to a wonderful Christian-like message at the end. This song is about the purpose of life.
    jheinlawon February 23, 2015   Link

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