(?) = lyric i couldnt understand

Ive come to stalk the children,
and eat them up on this very nice day!
No-one can stop me,
I live in Hackensack New Jersey,
and the burgen record will tell, my story
(and this is how it goes)

Im just a writer, for the burgen record,
I don't know much and don't wanna be tied to any crimes,
But i've got the storrrrryyyyy of a wiseman,
who once,
to eat the little children (?)
and when he did, it would be his day,
you see he was the ice man,
the ice man,
he would take, his knife,
and take your (?)
he froze his victims, in very small ice cubes
and the story was replayed and replayed on HBO

So you could view it... so you could view it...

He chose a life of crime, instead of a life of justice.


Until that day with the (?) to save..
the rest of us, from his hanus...crimes.

What he do old man?
What he do?

I'll tell ya Jimmy!!
I'll tell ya what he did!
Do you know what fuckin rats are man?
Do you know what fuckin rats are??!

He would kill, and kill
and that was the least of it

Sometimes he'd (?),
he'd knock you out with some gas,
and then he'd bring you, to a desolate point in New Jersey...
To an ice cold cave, which he hibernated in
For he liked, to uphold his name
He'd bring his victims to his cave,
He'd put a video camera,
down on
the floor
of his cave...
He'd walk away, He'd walk away, He'd walk away, He'd walk away!!
And he'd leave you, And he'd leave you...
And the screams would attract the rats,
and the rats would attract the wallabies
and the wallabies would bring the mice.

And you couldnt move,
you couldnt fuckin move, yer.

But the rats, they would eat ya,
yeah the rats, they would eat ya.

Ive seen pictttttuuuuurrreeesss of little childrennnnn,
with no face
and no life of peace and happiness,
while the ice man,
just leaves his caaavveee.
He's lookin for jordan (?),
He's lookin for jordan (?).
He's got someone to kill.
and HBO will bring him justice,
to kill jordan (?)!!
He's (?),
He's (?),
as the ice man would enslave him in his cave of justice!!

Pay back Carlos Santana
Driving through Arkansas
Passion (?) in maranara sauce.

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    General Commentthis was sung by evan winiker (bass) on the tour bus which is featured on drive thru dvd vol.2!
    tommyhaychon April 30, 2004   Link

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