i want to be still
i want to walk into your grave
where i can shelter in peace
until all our cares have blown away

let the whole world fall away
and fall into my arms
stay with me
i don't know how long we've got left
and so i'm asking you
to forgive me

i learn as i go
to float far away
into silence
and just watch your face
and find some kind of grace
in that quiet bliss

can i stay and say nothing at all, at all

where will we go when we get old
when the bustle and the noise
get too frightning
when each and every angry word
is banished to the past
that when i think

we'll learn as we go
to float far away
into silence
and i'll watch your face
and read of patience and grace
in each line there

work each day
all for nothing at all, at all
and the few words i say
they mean nothing at all at all

will you walk into the grave with me
will you leave this empty world
soft and wistfull
to sink into the dark, dark earth
and never reappear would be blissful

to float far away
into eternal space
and God's silence
where i'll watch your face
and find patience and grace
in each line there

drift away into nothing at all at all
find the grace to be nothing at all at all
fade away and end up nothing at all
at all at all at all

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    General Comment

    This song simply blows me away...

    breedon February 20, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    I concur

    JohnnyJackaloneon April 10, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    Utterly beautiful.

    The man wishes to die alongside his love, who may or may not already be dead. He wishes to float away with her, and leave their earthly cares and troubles behind.

    The line "to sink into the dark, dark earth" is wrong. It's "to sink into the dark, dank earth".

    Claidheambmoron June 19, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    this beat is so calming... i can literally feel myself unwind, and thats without actually listening to the words

    future foeon July 19, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretation

    It's more than simply wanting to die with his love. This song is about the commitment to love someone, and how the final act of love is to recede into oblivion. That a life with his beloved is a life fulfilled, and he can willingly fade away.

    jessedhon April 03, 2013   Link

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