"Symmetry" as written by and Majeed Olatunji/smith Onabule....
I'm caught in a symmetry of your mind
But I'm not happier than you
Did I really see you or was it a dream
Dreaming that it was seamless
Not a trace of wrong words

That we spoken
Little did we know
No bigotry no tears shed
Oh if only you'd try to be polite

Thinking you were right
Only to find that you're unkind
But ironically you will always be
Belle of the ball at least to me
I'm caught in a symmetry of your mind

But I'm not happier than you
But my words are frail not audible
They do not even convince me

Perhaps they are untrue
Truly with you the worst is always true
I gave you all the benefits of all the

Doubts I had
Never hoped to be as benign as me
Funny how you always get through
But ironically you will always be
Belle of the ball at least to me

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"Symmetry" as written by Tony Smith Majeed Olatunji Onabule

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    General CommentThe way I interpret the song is this: you know how we go our whole lives looking for that one person who is perfect for us, the one who understands the way we think, who shares the same sense of humour, who has the same wavelength. This song is about someone finding that person (the so-called 'soulmate') and being taken with how much they think alike. But in the end, while we hope for our 'soulmate' to rescue us from ourselves and our unhappiness, the reality is that it never happens, because it is unrealistic to place your source of happiness in another person.

    The lyrics speak clearly of this person finding their soulmate and being ecstatic at first to see how alike they are ('symmetry of your mind') and of course, they start off seeing this person as perfect, as the one who can rescue them from loneliness and despair. However, the person is disappointed to realise that their 'soulmate' is imperfect like everyone else, and they have arguments like every other relationship ('wrong words that we had spoken'.)

    This has resulted in hurt, but this hurt is intensified because this person is supposed to be 'The One' and yet the arguments and disagreements are ongoing and there is no salvation - the 'soulmate' does not rescue the person from their despair and they do not live happily ever after. This song showcases the person's disillusion ('Truly with you the worst is always true, I gave you all the benefits of all the doubts') but at the same time, they recognise that this person is truly special simply because they really do think alike, and they realise this even after all the disillusion has faded away.
    darkonfireon July 22, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationSounds to me like it's two people in a relationship, both saying the same things about the other: "You're not the great person you say you are, and I'm the benign one without blame... But, you're still special to me." Thus, the symmetry - they perfectly line up in that regard, mirror images of each other, neither one any happier - or more discontented - than the other.

    It's one of those cases where the lyrics read and the lyrics listened to are different. You really need to hear the two of them singing simultaneously to understand the mirrored duality of the song.
    FernMcKlaufon February 03, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThis is probably, for me, the most meaningful of all the Mew songs.
    In my opinion, it's about someone that they don't really know, yet they see a lot of themselves in the other person. They see their own flaws in the other person, yet they are so caught up and intrigued that they see through all of their bad points ("But ironically, you will always be belle of the ball, at least to me"), and they are deluded, and try to convince themselves that the other person is perfect.
    Venneon October 12, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think it\'s about an amicable break-up, where one party was perhaps happier about it than the other one (\"i\'m not happier than you.\")

    the singer is talking about his ex-girl, who he misses, but is afraid to tell about it. \"my words are frail, not audible, they do not even convince me - perhaps they are untrue?\" he can\'t tell her out loud how he feels, and so he is wondering if he means it at all.

    \"truly with you the worst is always true, i gave you all of the benefits of all the doubts i had\" - well, i can speak from experience - i always trusted my ex boyfriend and it always turned out he had done the worst. perhaps she cheated on him?

    he still wants her though - \"you will always be belle of the ball, at least to me\"
    roboticpinkon April 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about a person who desperately wants to let go, but every single time they hear or see the person they want to let go of...they can't. Against their own will they give them all the benefits of all the doubts they had. It's "funny how you always get through" No matter what this person does, they will ALWAYS be untouchable in the eyes of the writer of the song. It's about crafting an idea of the person in one's mind, only to find out that the worst is the real truth. "Truly with you the worst is always true." Lying to himself, the writer tries to convince himself that he feels absolutely nothing. But it's a lie. A lie that won't fade away no matter how hard he tries to erase it from his memory. Because "ironically, you will always be...belle of the ball....at least to me"
    AloneWithCompanyon May 02, 2005   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this son is about a break up. You still think about the other person, cuz you're still caught in their symmetry. The I'm not happier than you part is because sometimes, you feel so good about the break up or you make the other persona think that, but the truth is that you are not happier than the other person. Both of you are lying. The dream part is because sometimes you have conversations with the other person where there are not hurtful words. Besides all the ugly things that happened, all the horrible thing that were said, She's/he's always going to be that special person.

    The part of the words, i think is about trying to convince you about something wrong. like maybe you still think you are in love, or maybe you think this is for the better when it's not. just that kind of ideas that came when you are in a break up, sometimes you are good sometimes you are bad, and you just can say what the hell you feel like. The part about truly worst, I think it's about after the break up, when you know they are fine w/out you and you justa have to accept that the worst thing that you can feel about it, is going to be true. like maybe the other person is dating someone, or maybe that fear you had while in the relationship is actually true, and its easier to accept the worst just so you don't end heartbroken. The end is about how the other person just lose all the respect they had for the other person. like saying horrible thing about the other, and stuff, and how easy is for the other to just move on, to forget, to let go, and how the other person still see 'em as the best, most beautiful thing ever and very ironically.
    mzgnjson February 24, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about falling out of love after being hurt by the other person. "I'm caught in a symmetry of your mind" could be about the early stages of a relationship, the happiest, most "lovey-dovey" phase. "but I'm not happier than you" is the curtain falling down to see the more genuine side of a person.

    The whole chorus:

    "Thinking you were right
    Only to find that you're unkind
    But ironically you will always be
    Belle of the ball at least to me
    I'm caught in a symmetry of your mind"

    The other person hurt her a lot, treated her badly but still she holds him dearly, close to her heart for some reason.
    LucySixxon December 11, 2018   Link
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    General CommentThe 1st line:
    "I'm caught in the symmetry of your mind
    But i'm not happier than you"
    I think the person is talking about him/herself caught in the same feeling (love??) with someone else. But this person is not happier or as not happy as someone he/she caught with.
    naga46kon January 08, 2005   Link
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    General Commentbeatiful song.
    but so hard to sing.
    Narayanon March 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentheh. ok so this probably won't mean anything to anybody...but i went to high school with the girl that carries the majority of this awesome song! :) haha...i love you becky!
    iheartyou07on January 25, 2007   Link

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