I wanted to remember my Mica?
You helped me again to think of the
Unthinkable things
Made my arms hurt so bad I would
Happily forget
You're surprised at what you go through
As if no one ever told you
On your own feet
Your own feet stand
Not to wallow in heartache

I've done more than I would like to
But it's not all that I can do
You gotta get out of bed, into it

When even your bad luck runs out
Not to wallow in
Self-pitying pathetic dreams
You know what I mean

She worked hard to be his novice
And then broke into his office
With her clothes off
Her clothes off still
Not to wallow in heartache

Amor, settle for a small dart
If you can't find it in your heart
But there's a big noise from her chest

Let me do the talking
Now that I'm here
You'll steal all the attention anyway

Cause something about you
Compels me to feel
That a glued together vase
Is still a vase

Lyrics submitted by Belle-and-Eric-Hajdu

"Mica" as written by Bo Rune Madsen Silas Utke Graae Joergensen

Lyrics © Fintage House Publishing

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    General CommentI always thought of Mica as a b*tch of a girl who never quite learned to grow up and become an adult. "Made my arms hurt so that I would happily forget"- she was in a relationship that was very unsteady because of the things she did. She is acting very shocked at the way her actions affect things and how life is basically giving her a slap in the face, although she had been warned of that. The guy is saying he's done so much for her to help, but it is of no use if she isn't willing to change. Now she's feeling sorry for herself and no one really seems to care. "She worked hard to be his novice and then broke into his office. With her clothes off, her clothes off still"- I think means that she's trying so hard to impress him, but it's such a pathetic and desperate attempt that he's just annoyed. Now we see the relationship begin to crumble, "a small dart" is to signify him trying to get her to care more about him and less about herself. "Let me do the talking, now that I’m here. You’ll steal all the attention anyway."- this always makes me think of them being in therapy- but I think it's actually the guy finally taking a stand against her and sticking up for himself. "‘cause something about you compels me to feel that a glued together vase is still a vase."- this line could have more than one meaning. Maybe he believes that even with all these troubles, he still cares for her and wants to make things work (vase= their relationship). Or it could be more of a humorous line to show him being fed up with her- that she thinks it's all over without trying to fix it, even when he's already tried to mend things, and so he's explaining that he really doesn't give a crud about what she thinks anymore.
    FrengerLovelyon March 31, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti interpret this song as... a girl growing up. and possibly not growing up fast enough. ['You’re surprised at what you go through. As if no one ever told you. On your own feet, your own feet stand] like she carries her immaturity through to her first few years working as a professional, and ends up falling for someone at work...? 'She worked hard to be his novice and then broke into his office.' though, here, it could also be that she is interning at the place in which she falls in love with.. whoever... 'there's a big noise from her chest/let me do the talking' could be something like her heart taking over and speaking for her.
    now that i think of it.. mica, being a mineral that flakes [breaks?] very easily, could be a reflection of her heart. 'a glued together vase is still a vase' her heart is still a heart, even after it has been broken.
    mitseneon October 26, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"Let me do the talking, now that I’m here.
    You’ll steal all the attention anyway.
    ‘cause something about you compels me to feel
    that a glued together vase is still a vase."

    i think it means that, even though Mica might've been through some tough shit; everyone goes through the same things.

    one vase, even if it is just put together, is no different from any of the others.

    everyone is just as beautiful, mica just needs to open her eyes.
    celestinelovieon April 23, 2007   Link

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