Close the door when they come in
They can feel their whole world spin
Smoking plastic shards
They'll never be scared of me
(I won't drown)
And when they change themselves
They are never afraid of me

Summer's out for you
There's no time for you

It is not what it seems
You're awake in your dreams
With lithium you'll never be sad again
But you can't sleep with her

It's not by choice, is it?
I hope you never come back
There's someone else in here
Please tell me why
Please tell me when

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Coffee Break Lyrics as written by Johan Haslund Wohlert Bo Rune Madsen

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    General CommentLithium is a drug given to those with bipolar disorder to decrease episodes of mania/depression. "It is not what it seems. You're awake in your dreams." is expressing our character's issue with distinguishing reality and fantasy. The drug puts him (or her) in a dream-like state of being where the mind is dulled and supressed by this drug. On this drug he'll "never be sad again".

    Coffee (as per the title) perhaps counteracts the effects of this drug. Caffeine will "wake" him out of this state of mind. It is know that drinking coffee while on lithium will have adverse effects and amplify the effects of caffeine.

    Though he'll "never be sad", this does not inadvertently imply he is happy. What would make him happiest (I will assert) is to be with the one he loves, however he restrains himself from doing so. He tells himself he "can't sleep with her" and the reason for this restrain is his bipolarity. When his personality shifts to either elation or depression, he is not himself. "There's someone else in here." There is a different person within his mind. He wishes he would know when these episodes would flair up and why "Please tell me why. Please tell me when." "It's not by choice!" that he becomes a different persona.

    His friends (I'm just replacing the word "they" here) are not scared or afraid of him and his changing mental states. "they'll never be scared/afraid of me." Why? They are too busy with there own recreational drugs, is best I can discern they're "smoking plastic shards". I think there is importance in using "they" here instead of "I" because it dissassociates our character with these events. If "they can feel their whole world spin" and his is not, perhaps despite his bipolar issues, he is in the more worthy state of mind.

    "Summer's out for you. There's no time for you." Only him this time, like school being back in session after, his mind is preoccupied. But for all his issues, he's coping. "I won't drown" he keeps telling himself.

    Perhaps a gross over-analyzation on my part, but this rattled through my head after the umpteenth time listening to this song and trying to figure out how the title in any way related the lyrics. Definite connection to lithium and coffee, that is for sure.
    raylinthon April 06, 2011   Link
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    General Commentone of my favorit songs by mew!
    hallonsafton March 20, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is talking about forgetting someone and getting into a new relationship in the which you're not really happy to be in.

    "I hope you never come back.
    There's someone else in here."

    but then it contradicts itself with theses lines:
    "Please tell me why. Please tell me when.
    It's not by choice!"...its not by choice...meaning you couldnt decide it just happened.

    i love this song.
    itsitsion January 17, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is depressing but I love it.
    mmxxzzzzon November 29, 2009   Link

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