Augsburg eagle 109
Mottled battle dress
Lifting-off climbing up high
Der scwarm lined up abreast

Cutting through the ice cold air
On wings burdened with fuel and led
I'll fly and fight my rest will come
At wars end or when I am dead

The word Frei Jagd is given
Arm your guns and set the trim
Watch out for the escort
Now let the hunt begin

Where eagles fly eternal sky
The battlefield up high
Twist and strike my mount of knights
My faithful Augsburg eagle 109

White contrails across the sky
Target sighted 2'o clock high
Steadily on giant wings in a box formation
Now the killing begins

I comence a run-in from astern
Six barrel's of mind sound
Trailing smoke the bomber tuble
Spinning nose down first towards the ground

Out of ammunition
Low on fuel I break away
To whell down refuel and rearm
To intercept their second wave

Hanging by your prop I climb
Again in the sky
Way above those blooded fields
My faithful Augsburg eagle 109

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    General CommentThis is another of my favorite songs by Quorthon. I believe it's pretty obvious what it's about, but I'm a pilot and work in the aerospace industry and just love that Quorthon stopped to make a song about dogfighting/WWII, which are some of my favorite subjects on top of the others that he covers in his work.

    Basically this song is about the Me109 (Messerschmidt 109) - one of the most prominent of aircraft in the German Luftwaffe during the great war. I love this song - it's only a shame that there are some fags out there who think that Quorthon meant this as some kind of white power, neo-Nazi, retarded nod to Hitler or something. The truth is (and Quorthon stated this when interviewed about Destroyer of Worlds), he really only wrote this song because 1. he was a history lover like myself and appreciated the fact that many brave people on both sides in WWII were just duped by their countries into being pawns of some ideology that they themselves might not personally have held to be true. and 2. he kind of just wanted to piss people off. You've gotta remember that the German government is sooo super-sensitive about anything related to Nazis that it verges on denial. They wouldn't even allow the album to be sold in Germany if I recall correctly. Also Quorthon figured that if Iron Maiden could write a song about how great the Spitfire was (it was a great plane - R.J. Mitchell truly had a stroke of genius in combining the advances made in aerospace structures from other countries into one very capable fighting machine), then he could write about the Me109.

    Anyways, I love this song because it just starts out so great - the sounds of aerial combat, I mean, that's where skill is truly what keeps you alive over dumb luck, as might occur in ground warfare. Then it just cuts into the main riff and gets your head banging whether you want to or not. The energy flows through the entire song up until the very last line and it always makes me remember how great it is to fly. It's a short song, but one of my favorites off of Destroyer of Worlds. The one thing that I want to correct in the lyrics is the line "six barrels of mind sound" should be "six barrels of MINE sound". I know the CIA was into trying to kill people with their minds and all but this isn't Tenacious D. I don't think people were seriously trying to kill each other with mind bullets during WWII.

    Anyways, I just love discussing Bathory's lyrics because I feel it is a hugely underrated band and is certainly one of my absolute favorites. Feel free to comment, I am talking so much about these works because I love to discuss the historical content and emotion that Quorthon put into his lyrics. Above all else that is what I love about Bathory and only wish that he might still be around today that we might enjoy more of his insights into the past and present.

    Hail the hordes.
    miked983on June 04, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think I'm gonna fill up these comments since I love talking about Bathory but either no one else in the world posts here or no one loves Quorthon's work as much as I do.

    Anyways, I was just listening to this song again today and notice that Quorthon says something at the beginning, it's almost inaudible but it's definitely there, before it actually cuts into the lyrics. I was wondering if anyone else had noticed / can tell what it is he says - it's not something substantial probably, but it piqued my interest at the time.

    Hail the hordes.
    miked983on June 05, 2010   Link

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