Deaths star on horizon
Lightning and rain
Black winds and thunder
The skyline is in flames

Written in the red mist
The sign of the one
Who rides deaths cold wind
And walks disguised among

All you vagrant souls
Of profane disbeliefs
False prophets and deceivers
Shall swing from the trees

Soon the dawn shall arise
For all the oppressed to arm
A chariot of thunder shall be seen
And bronze horns shall sound the alarm

Fists will raise like hammers
To a cloudy black sky
Bonds and chains fall to the ground

Children of all slaves
Stand united and proud
All people of bondage shall triumph
And live by the sign of

Blood, fire, death

The moment is chosen
The battlefield is bare
Take now thy stand people
The true ones don't fear

Now choose your weapons
And fall in the line
Choose well your colors
And follow the sign

Blood for all tears shed
And fire for hate
Death for what shall become
All false ones fate

The standard bearer is chosen
And the day has just begun
Shadows growing long by the rising
Of the awakening sun

Fists raise like hammers
To a clear sunny sky
Bonds and chains fallen to the ground

Children of all slaves
Now united and proud
All people of bondage now triumph
And live by the sign of

Blood, fire, death

Children of all slaves
Unite be proud
Rise out of darkness and pain

A chariot of thunder and gold
Will come loud
And a warrior of thunder and rain

With hair as white as snow
Hammer of steel
To set you free of your chains

And to lead you all
Where horses run free
And the souls of the ancient ones reign

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Blood Fire Death Lyrics as written by Quorthon

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Blood Fire Death song meanings
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    General Commenthow has nobody commented on this.
    it's about the struggle of an enslaved populous, rising up against the opressors and succeeding.
    incredible song, incredible band
    RIP Quarthon
    KKvShreddaon June 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song kicks ass. Got a mad soft intro then it goes fucking all out heavy. Great lyrics.
    COBHATEBREEDERon April 04, 2005   Link
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    My InterpretationTremendous and epic song. The lyrics are telling us about the eternal battle, the eternal struggle against the antagonist forces ( These forces may be ambiguous and certainly hidden under convenient masks) who are commanded by the Master Woe of Destiny. A powerful woe, perversed, ruthless, opressive, hypocrite, a big liar accompanied by charlatains, deceivers, and false prophets.
    However, the inner power, the honour, the pride and the strenght of the true ( viking ) warriors prevail against all this unworthy system full of hyprocrisy.
    Finally everyone is involved, The final war is declared and the bloodiest battle ever seen is ongoing against this tyranny and the Stablished Order.
    All the oppressed people, the sons and heritage of the Ancient Ones shall see at the of the journey the expected arrival of the Hammer God.
    The reward for the perseverance for those who didn't fallen into the weakness and the contrariness traps of the evil enemy.
    The glorious vision of the freedom and the victory after a lifetime beneath the darkness and lies, is presented as an epilogue of this Ragnarok episode.
    May be this story illustrates the war of the viking people to liberate the chains of christinanity.
    Definitely this is a song about Hope, and the reaching of realization through honour, wrath, battle and consciousness of heritage, and the right to be proud of bloodline worth.
    DERSCHWARTZPROPHETon August 31, 2016   Link

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