The breaking of bones and the boiling of blood is just another symbol of my long forgotten home
Its a reminder-
so ill remind you; to forget me. its better if we never met. our eyes seached for answers, and our hands told us the story, the story that was never ours. And in your last living hours, please tell me I'm not alone. And if the blood that builds this throne should clot at this second, I would not send any signs of distress. And I detest, I'm better in your place.

I wish for your face, for just one more second, and its one second too late.(give me back, give me back those hours) And even if I could speak; words cant escape when im too busy asphyxiating on your name.

and im sorry...
and my hands bleed, from grasping the thorns my vision cant perceive..
and im sorry...
that my beauty just wilts away

if clarvoyance could just reach for one last choice, one last chance, wed never meet again..
its you or the world, and i dont have the time to think.

and i could tear you down if you just let me.. but..
just forget me

(my dearest love; you left me here. alone. torn. everytime i see the horizon, i see you, i hear your voice. and on this sword, your blood does lie. alone. torn. im so sorry.. ive said it a million times, and ill say it a million more. you fly so lovely with shredded wings. your loss was my lament.. your loss was my lament..)

dear im sorry.. this is my fault. this choice was thrown into my closed hands..

so open your wings, and turn this world to ashes, and sing this lovely song of fire raining down. and burn the city to the ground. i swear the embers are so much more beautiful than the architechture.

"And whilst this has made me deeply regret, dear Arcadia, I wish to you to forget my severing of ties, because the only difference between us is rotting flesh and empy eyes."

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    General CommentI dont know if any of you have ever played the game Fire Emblem: Sword of Fire, but this song was heavily influnced by it. Aracadia is this town where only dragons lived, and in the game the main character meets this one girl whom he supposedly falls in love with. Stuff ensues with her and the antagonists, and she is turned to her true form which is a dragon, because shes from Arcadia, but when shes in the human world shes human. The main character (Eliwood) kills her but he doesnt know that she is the dragon until the dragon dies.

    I wrote this song after being in complete awe of the amazing story of the game. Its about how there isnt much of a difference between people as you might think. There are other lines in here that tie in with the game, but ill explain that later... Sorry for not adding explanations to the other songs, I havent had time.
    DarkerShadeofWinteron April 19, 2004   Link

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