Cindy's on methadone
She's through with the syringe
Cindy's on methadone
She's off on heroin

Cindy's on methadone
We're glad to have her home
She slept in vomit now
She sleep on methadone but she

Stopped ripping off her neighbors
Stopped taking change from strangers
Stopped shooting needles full of
Dreams into her arms

Cindy's on methadone
We see it in her eyes
Sounds so much better
But it's just another high

She stopped calling at three thirty
Stopped looking thin and dirty
Stopped screaming bloody murder
When she got cut off

Why don't you stop with
Your fake solutions
Stop covering up the truth and
Stop trying to make things

Smooth and stop acting

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Cindy's on Methadone Lyrics as written by Benjamin M Foster Benjamin M. Foster

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    General CommentCindy was shooting up heroin and living like a total junkie (stealing from the neighbors to support her habit and god knows what else) Then she got on the methadone program which many people consider just trading one addiction for another. (regardless of that, Cindy is much better off on methadone than on heroin.)

    "Sounds so much better but it's just another high"
    this isn't really true. The methadone doesn't get the patient "high". it just keeps them from getting sick.
    (actually, same goes for heroin after doing it for long time)
    JeffKaos71on December 05, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI really like this song. I know this sounds weird for a Screeching Weasel song, but it's so positive and hopefilled.
    ArianeTheFoolon January 06, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song isn't positive at all. she's just trading one addiction for another. the methadone is treating the symptoms but not the disease. she's not using heroin anymore, but she's still a junkie.
    madmanmulleron February 08, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHahaha... yeah, not so positive at all.
    MissNeuroticon March 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentGetting off heroin isn't just a matter on sucking it up and working out your problems. It is a physical and mental addiction that will fucking tear you apart. Methadone can be a first step to saving your own life, so people can take their patronizing talk of "fake solutions and go fuck themselves.
    francescoon October 14, 2008   Link
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    MemoryMethadone saved my life. I can now work in my chosen field (Computer Security), without having to chase dealers down all day and risking arrest. I'm no longer dope sick (no highs, no lows. I'm stable.). I'm slowly lowering my dose to get off, but if I can't get off, then I'd rather live a good lifestyle on Methadone than a bad one off of it. It's logical and reasonable. The only line in this song to support an anti-methadone stance is "but it's just another high", and then they go on to say "stop covering up the truth" and "stop acting like she's stupid" (people are so ignorant about methadone, because of it's portrayal in the media to a large part). The reason she's doing better is because she's on Methadone, a harm reduction therapy (like condoms and needle exchanges).. she gets a clean dose of something that keeps her well all day.. no dirty needles, shooting up god knows what into your veins, committing crimes to get money for your fix. If you ask me, other countries are way ahead of us in harm reduction therapy when treating opiate addiction.
    IllustriousDegenerateon November 17, 2009   Link

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