I hear the seven deadly sins
And the terrible twins came to call on you
The bigger they are babe
The harder they fall on you
And you you're always the same you persevere
On the same old pleasure ground
Oh and it never rains around here
It just comes pouring down

You had no more volunteers
So you got profiteers for to help you out
With friends like that babe
Good friends you had to do without
And now they've taken the chains and the gears
From off your merry-go-round
Oh and it never rains around here
It just comes pouring down

And your new romeo
Was just a gigolo when he let you down
See the faster they are babe
The faster they get out of town
Leaving make up stains and the tears
Of a clown
Yes and it never rains around here
It just comes pouring down

Oh you were just a roller coaster memory
I don't know why I was even passing through
I saw you making a date with destiny
When he came around here asking after you
In the shadow of the wheel of fortune
You're busy trying to clear your name
You say 'i may be guilty yeah that may be true
But I'd be lying if I said I was to blame
See we could have been major contenders
We never got no money no breaks'
You've got a list of all the major offenders
You got a list of all their major mistakes
And he's just standing on the shadows
Yes and you smile that come-on smile
Oh I can still hear you say as clear as the day
'I'd like to make it worth your while'

Ah but it's a sad reminder
When your organ grinder has to come to you for the rent
And all you've got to give him
Is the use of your side-show tent
Yes and that's all that remains of the years
Spent doing to rounds
And it never rains around here
Well it just comes pouring down

Now you know what they say about beggars
You can't complain about the rules
You know what they say about beggars
You know who's the first to blame his tools
You never gave a damn about who you pick up
And leave lying bleeding on the ground
You screw people over on the way up
Because you thought that you were never coming down
And he takes you out in vaudeville valley
With his hand up smothering your screams
And he screws you down in tin pan alley
In the city of a billion dreams

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It Never Rains Lyrics as written by Mark Knopfler

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    General CommentNo, this song isn't life on the streets or anything, it's a song of utter contempt about his ex-girlfriend, Holly Vincent. About the way she uses people, and treats them like dirt. The first song he wrote about her - not long after she dumped him by phone when he was away touring the USA - was 'Romeoa And Juliet', and he says 'Your new romeo' in this song. He then wrote 'Love Over Gold' about her, and finished up with this one. I guess that must have got her out of his system!
    guttion January 10, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSay what? Some doesn't knows good music when it's right below his nose.
    Great song. Never forget Dire Straits
    Direon May 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOne of the best opening couplets I've heard. The rest of the song is alright.
    ShineYouDiamondon August 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song has grown on me a lot since i first heard it. I think it's a good song =D
    Harley-01on February 06, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationThe song was certainly built around his recent "memory" of Holly Vincent, but the deeper meaning to the song was the narrative that Hollywood and Century City (the Movie and Music industries) are run by the Illuminati...a group FAR MORE RUTHLESS than the 2-bit hustlers, cheap talents like Holly Vincent. They SWALLOW UP EVERYTHING in their path...the Good, the Bad, the Babylon Sisters...

    The first verse relates to ANY of these Babylon whores who sell their souls in a back room deal with the Devil (or in this case, Devil Worshippers). And in this world, it never just rains, it always comes pouring down...either with fabulous success or with fabulous disasters (just look at any of them).

    The 2nd verse explained how dear, sweet, not-so-innocent Holly got to this world...she ran out of "suckers" like Mark Knopfler who would put up their own money and their own connections to advance her career out of mis-placed Love. Only to find out that when their money dried up, so did her "love". Thus, she made the deal with the Vampires of Century City (Profiteers), and in their world, they don't play within the boundaries of the law, they'll take everything off of your "merry-go-round", including your head.

    The 3rd verse likely referred to the "new crowd" that she was hanging with within this owned and twisted culture...they were in longer and deeper than her, thus, they were even "faster" and more vile...using up everything that came into their pathway...leaving all sorts of "stains" and tears on the newbie "clowns" on their way out of town.

    The 4th verse is where the song gets much, much more intense both musically and lyrically. Knopfler is describing a real or imagined visit with Holly in LA where the realities of her world (a small cell with bars) were becoming more and more obvious to her; thus, she was "busy trying to clear her name" by BLAMING everyone else for their "failed love", which was typical for her character. All the while, the walls of her bower were further closing in.

    This verse segued musically into one last lighter "side show" before Knopfler's EPIC final verse. Here, he described her reality where the people that she was using in LA were having to come to her for help...not a great setup...and this segue helped to paint the final picture of Holly...desperate and ready to get her "just rewards" from those in Century City that she could NEVER REPAY...

    The final verse saw Knopfler laying out the harsh and COLD reality for those who play with the devil and then don't produce..."you know what they say about beggars baby, you don't get to complain about the rules". Knopfler then took the next 4 lines to remind us that all these "star-seekers" create their own realities thru their actions...she wasn't an innocent, she was culpable for what was coming. And whether you sell your soul in Hollywood, Century City, Silicone City, or in NY on Tin Pan Alley, you get the SAME TREATMENT BY THOSE WHO OWN OUR SOCIETY...you will be "raped" again and again by this system whose demands never end...just ask Mark Zuckerberg and the gang at Facebook...as they lie and lie and lie to their "valued customers" while having the "big dick" of the CIA rammed up their backside.

    And just how timely is this song by Knopfler? Look no further than to yesterday when CON-YA West finally broke down and spilled the beans about the world that he and we live within...one built upon FEAR and LIES...the Illusion! This is why Knopfler named the album, LOVE OVER GOLD, because the ONLY answer for us ever conquering the ruling elites is through the vibration of LOVE. When we refuse to fight their wars of greed, when we refuse to hate one another thru their little games of divide and conquer, when we no longer listen to their Mainstream Media of subterfuge, we will ALL come to see just how fooled we have all been...me, you and Holly Vincent too...

    Thanks for reading.
    CharlieFreakon November 23, 2016   Link
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    General CommentDS's worst song ever? Have you not heard Twisting By The Pool?!
    NJJon October 01, 2005   Link
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    Song MeaningIt seems like a sequel to "Tunnel of Love". If you try to stay in the fairground (teenage romance) and grow older there, then it just becomes rain and years spent doing the rounds, and the romance ends badly.
    AMcguinnon February 21, 2011   Link
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    General CommentDS\'s worst song ever - it\'s garbage album-filler.
    chrisb1on April 23, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think Knopfler laid it on a little too thick here. I mean, he always wore his Dylan influence on his sleeve, but in this song he's wearing like an entire suit made of Dylan. Worst song on Love Over Gold and definitely in the lower echelon of their discography on the whole.

    Oh right, life in the streets, hard, rough, etc.
    jesslovesaprilon March 13, 2007   Link

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