I'm wondering if my thoughts of her
have ever crossed her thoughts of me
and if they're half as clear as mine
and if there'll ever be a time

for us to journey once again
as lovers and as trusted friends
what if the best is yet to come
and this was only the first part run

get a hold of yourself
don't worry about the aftermath
there is no one after you
or on your back
there is no one after you

but the everyday just can't compete
whit the beauty of a polariod
where the fairytale endures complete
and her eyes are always full of joy

like a frozen glimpse of butterflies
on a clourized celluloid sky
she waves her cheerful last goodbye
and begs for me to let passed things slide

get a hold of yourself
don't worry about the aftermath
there is no one after you
no one on your back
there is no one after you

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    General CommentNo comments yet?? Well Kashmir isnt fairly well know internationally, but they should be :P
    Th song is great and is abviously about love. It portrays my own situation perfectly...
    The meaning of the first verse is pretty obvious, but there is some PERFECT choice of words here. "What IF and what IF and what IF! What IF she doesnt want anything, what IF she does?" really shows how hesitant one can be when it comes to telling her the truth, and i know the feeling pretty well.
    In the 2nd verse, the guy has already passed the girl by and wants to be together again..
    The chorus is about, go tell her how you feel, nothing to be afraid of and no one is after you, no one is watching, do what you see best.
    3rd verse is about every day. i can relate to myself here, im looking at the girl i love everyday almost and it cant compete witht it once was, with the pictures i got of her. O the pictures she is always happy. In the last verse she says good bye, the guy its about told her how things really were, and realized she was not interested, she begs him to let it slide cuz it will be best for the 2 of them =(

    As for myself, i fear the last lines is what she is going to say when i finally pull myself together and tell her, so this song really means a lot to me.
    Maizenaon June 12, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthis song means a lot to me as it was the first song my boyfriend (exboyfriend now) gave to me. I hadn't heard of kashmir before then and now everytime i hear it this song gets me all emotional :( reminds me of my ex boyfriend and the way he always looked/looks out for me and tells me not to worry. *sighs* so ya, this song mean a lot.
    xxStargirlxxon September 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commentcan't really say i can relate to the song... Anyway it's a gorgeous track, one of Kashmir's best, and if you're familiar with the band, that's quite a statement...
    etson December 14, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favourite kashmir songs. I think that in the chorus, the singer is trying to console himself over the loss of a relationship. His lover had "begged him to let passed things slide" and he tries to forget about her, but the relief of having no-one "on your back" isn't there, it just feels lonely to him. Beautiful song
    jdaafon December 13, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI tend to think of this song in the context of other songs on the album like Melpomene and Ramparts. The verses are in first person and the chorus is written in third person or as if his former lover is talking back to him. They are separated and her begging him to "let past things slide" is a reference to her hurting him, possibly cheating on him. Like "you broke the code" in Melpomene.

    "There is no one after you" could mean that there is no one chasing him or seeking him harm, but I think it is meant as an assurance that she didn't leave him for someone else and that he should not feel humiliated or despondent. "No one on your back" is a bit odd though. That is usually a reference to someone nagging you to succeed or change or do their will. Possibly a twist on he doesn't have to try so hard to win her love and respect anymore.

    This is a really good narrative on how we tend to idealize the past when we miss it or someone in it, and long for it again. The title has no direct tie to the song lyrics, which I think is great 'cause he feels like he is in ruins after a breakup that he feels is catastrophic. My favorite part of the song, both in lyrics and in tone, is the Polaroid reference. I have personally experienced this feeling, where you find an old (or recent) glossy physical picture of the one you love, and you become transported back to that moment. And for a few seconds, you wish you could make her feel that way again despite what you're feeling.
    brian11019on June 16, 2019   Link

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