I see no stability in history
Since we're finding lies upon lies upon lies
Yet you base your life on inconsistencies
None of which have any backings provable
I'm not saying it's bunk to learn
What we believe happened before
Because they've all agreed upon the lie
And it's probably somewhere near the truth

But I'd much rather base my life
Around anything that's here before my eyes
Anything that's tangible
Anything that's a definite fact
Resting on the laws of physics
Everything we need to know
To solve our problems
Is here
Around us

Somewhere around us
Somewhere definite
Something that we say we know
Based on science
And not history

This is where we have problems
This is where we disagree
This is where we head in different directions

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Answers Lyrics as written by Charlie Paulson John William Feldmann

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    General Commentthis is clearly about how the history of whats told by the government through books ( especially school books) , news , and any other media.
    worldof_robotson January 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI also think its about religion. More specifically, the bible.
    BangYrHeadon May 13, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationAgreed, this song is definitely about what we learn (and believe) about the past.

    I can also see some philosophical meaning in Answers, specifically about Aristotle, who believed everything to be discovered was right here in front of us. Plato (that other guy) was more interested in sitting around and thinking about a place called the Forms, where everything perfect lived.

    Unfortunately, my reading doesn't work the whole way through. But still, if the Native Nod guys had been writing about philosophy, they'd be siding with Aristotle.
    SuperbHydrophoneon November 18, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti cant disagree more. the logic of aristotle was to separate and identify all the specifics of the things of our tangible world. he has been regarded as the father of modern science. That said however, i cant imagine n.n. believing in aristotle's separatist ontology. Everything about their lyrics saying the answers are right here through the science of logic seems momre to me to support plato and his view that all things are interconnected and all things are the same at their underlying level (think tiny vibrating strings)

    p.s. the place plato spoke of wasn't called the forms; the forms were the intangible concepts such as a perfect circle which is something NONE of us will ever see as our cpu's can't calculate down with such accuracy. (we can't even make a circle on the computer because you can always specify a smaller value to graph the length of the circle on. all our circles have jagged step like edges just zoom in on any circular image and youll know what im saying)
    lolasianprideon February 24, 2011   Link

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