As I walk beneath the valley
I shall fear no evil
For thanks to King George and his rainbow cabinet
Today murder is legal
God I know that it's wrong
To kill my brother for what he hasn't done
And as the planes blacken the sky
It sounds like heaven is falling
It sounds like heaven is falling
You promises me a new day a'dawning
I've seen a thousand points of light
Like so many points of hatred, shame and horror
God I want to be a man
But I don't want to die with a rifle in my hand
And as the planes blacken the sky
It sounds like heaven is falling
It sounds like heaven is falling
You promised me a new day a'dawning
Well nothing here looks new to me
But a score of mothers' sons
Caught 'tween the devil and the deep blue sea

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Heaven Is Falling Lyrics as written by Brett Gurewitz

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    General CommentHey Gallium, You obviously know nothing about Bad Religion. They released their first single in 1979, were pioneers of the LA punk rock scene, and are among the most intelligent musicians on earth. The singer, Dr. Greg Graffin received his Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, and has taught at Cornell and UCLA. Just because you don't understand their lyrics - here's an example: "the anechoic nebula rotating in my brain. Is persuading me, contritely, to persist." or another song on that same album, "A misanthropic anthropoid with nothing to," and from another album, "Going through a world of sad debris,
    Regard quixoitic reveries of ownership:
    The blossoming disease of man called tenure and accretion,
    The ancient western treadmill of deception and derision. But I want something more," and finally, from that same album, "your achievements are unsurpassed
    you are highly-ordered mass
    but you can bet your ass
    your free energy will dissipate
    two billion years thus far
    now mister here you are
    an element in a sea of enthalpic organic compounds"

    Not that you can pronounce half of these words in your ignorance.

    Real guitar rif? Don't you mean riff? What is a real riff? Some jerkoff metal showoff lead, or some MI bullshit guitar lead? Let me guess...Steve Vai, right? Tool? Some prog rock pretentious lame shit that only appeals to elitist assholes like you?

    These guys played music with NO INTENTION of making money. They just did it for the love of music. They are THE BAND who created their own independent record label (Epitaph Records) in the late 70s/early 80s, which turned into the label that released the very first commercially successful album (The Offspring SMASH, which sold millions of copies). Then from there, they didn't sell the label to a major because they were overworked. They kept it indie, and released more albums.

    That was the first blow against major labels and the greedy industry types. I'm sure you are all about that type of shit, along with Pay-To-Play shows and dressing up in make-up with a top-hat. Right Slash? Yeah, they don't play real riffs, because we (the old-school punks of the 1980s) don't want people like you involved in any authentic punk rock. Keep out of my scene. Go listen to Frampton Comes Alive, and bite me.

    Oh, by the way - These guys not only released a non-profit single (vinyl 7") in the early 90s with this song and another called Fertile Crescent, but they had the B side as a spoken word album split with Noam Chomsky, who gave a very intelligent anti-war stance. All of this at a time when most people were supportive of the military action for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. They were one of the first to actually bring attention to the conflict from another angle.
    faultbreakon November 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFirst off, faultbreak, you are my FUCKING HERO for telling of that stupid asshole what's up. Anyways, this song is from the split release called New World Order: War #1 that Bad Religion did with Noam Chomsky in the months leading up to the Gulf War. The two Bad Religion tracks were re-released on the remastered version of Generator in 2004. I would definitely say that you should listen to the commentary by Noam Chomsky for the split, it explains a lot of details that are left out of our history books in school. It also helps explain the songs.
    For example, in this song the stanzas "For thanks to King George and his rainbow cabinet, today murder is legal" George Bush (Sr.) basically told Saddam that there would be no negotiations "Capitulate or die" are the exact words used I believe, and Noam Chomsky explains what the terms of the negotiations that Saddam wanted were. The stanza "God I want to be a man, but I don't wanna die with a rifle in my hands", as Noam Chomsky put it, "U.S. troops are about to walk into what is potentially going to be a meat grinder". Anyways, this is my two cents, on this song and I figured I should pass on this info. if you want to find the split, just go to and look around for it under American hardcore and look around for awhile.
    Dethburgeron January 16, 2012   Link
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    General CommentBetter late than never...
    Anyway, it clearly is about the first gulf war in particular, with a strong anti-war message in general.

    "King George" is NOT the king of England, but George Bush (the asshole George Bush, not the idiot George Bush), as clearly indicated by the famous "thousand points of light" reference.

    Anyway, great song, to this day one of my favorites.
    MickyPainon November 24, 2009   Link
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    General Commentfunny that no one commented on this song. i think it's one of their best. obviously about the gulf war. also applies to this vomit-inducing war. the ataris cover this in a bad quality acoustic version on rock vs bush. we're doing a great job over there. just today the governor of bagdad and 6 of his bodyguards were assassinated and congress got angry at the white house for a predicted $100 billion request for more funding--supplemental funding that is, not part of their original planned budget. since they had no idea we'd be at war with iraq a few days ago...
    nurion January 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe Ataris version sounds dreadful. Why couldn't they record it nicely? Lazy jerks...
    ArianeTheFoolon August 29, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti always took the line 'to kill my brother' literally, but now i see 'brother' as 'fellow man.' this song is definatly not about the gulf war, since it came out in the late 80's.

    its probably about either world war one or two, king george being the king of england. but its definatly about someone goin to war and being scared of killing other (or being killed) but having to do it anyway.
    fiascodagamaon November 02, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwasn't this song on generator? and didn't that come out in 1992?
    mikerophoneon January 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt is about the gulf war. It came out right after the war. It does apply very well to the current war though, even down to the "King George" part.
    likeabrokenpromiseon February 14, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is about the first Gulf War but this song could be the anthem for the current War in Iraq. Everything fits so well. Its simple and powerful.
    onecommenton April 17, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"to kill my brother for what he hasn't done"

    Anybody notice how similar this is to Fuck Armageddon?

    "countries manufacture bombs and kill your brother for something he hasn't even done"
    mtj027on April 19, 2008   Link

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