Cowards, with your empty hearts
And narrow minds...So bitter
Your confusion is overwhelming
So aimless and misguided
Your search for a higher power
Something better than yourselves
In a perfect world, your perfect god
Is a coward just like you

Watch them gather, they flock together
For in numbers they feel strength
Will you find your way to paradise,
Through the darkness within your light
To the children, they feed his body
Peel his flesh from off the cross
In his blood they'll wash away
All the dirt from their souls

Obedient young, they'll join the flock
With minds like clay and hearts so pure
Fill them with his words and fears
And feed them to the waiting beast

His open arms and splendid brilliance
Devours those who can not see
The dimming light from high above
Vanquished by their higher coward

How can you glorify and praise
One so weak, imperfect and insane
The magnitude of his madness is so clear
In the eyes of the herd that he keeps

Look what you have become
Just another like all the rest

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Higher Coward Lyrics as written by Wilkinson Dolan


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    General CommentDidn't you say Jesus was coming?

    What a perfect statement to start out this refeshingly non-satanic critique of the christian virus. Immolation take a more logical nihilistic stance on the matter of this insipid religeon and the sheep who make up its congregation.

    They correctly recognize that the reason people flock to christianity (and all religeon) is not because of some overwhelming logical truth but instead because they yearn for acceptance and like most people are too neurotic and weak to face themselves and deal with there inner problems.

    So they come together because while individually they may be weak but as a collective they are strong. To compensate for there sins they create a force of evil, satan, and blame him for there inner primal urges.

    They cannot find equality in this world so they construct one in which it is everpresent, heaven, and upon the pillars of guilt and pity build there beliefs.

    After all if we are all equal and our actions are inebitibly judged than there glaring inadequecies are made null by virtue of our immenant judgement.
    bukkaketsunamion June 13, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"In a perfect world, your perfect god
    Is a coward just like you"

    So true. This song (And album, to boot) is nothing short of amazing.
    metalkenon November 13, 2010   Link

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