I bet you've had another downfall
It's time for me to get it right
You're taking it
You're taking it
You're taking it
You're taking it
You're taking it
Too hard
Don't hesitate to paint your walls with blood
It's in me it's in you,
Don't you hold back the truth
Cause I can't feel nothing without
A confession from you

We couldn't go on like this, you know
We shared a moment that refused to grow

'Cause I know we meant to never be afraid
But I knew impossible
We made our visions look like
Something that would stay
So it's true we closed the deal

I said to you don't make it worse now
It's time for you to make it right
I let you rule my world back then, you know
I was blind, couldn't find
I was blind, couldn't find
The true essence of our lifetime
Without a confession from you

You're saying to me
How could you do such a thing
Cause I've paid, every mistake
Building a void impossible to replace

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Downfall 24 Lyrics as written by Sven Morten Ragnar Karlsson Peter Leo Rickard Wichers

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Downfall 24 song meanings
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    General Commentweird that no one has posted on this one.. one of their best songs, in my opinion.
    I believe its about a relationship that ended..where it seems like she has hurt him, and he just need some closure but he just dont have clarification enough of what happened "I can't feel nothing without
    a confession from you" just the end gets me off a bit..maybe she is tired of him wanting an apology or i dunno? help me out here...
    neonrebelon April 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentLyrically, I agree that this song sounds as if it's about a relationship, which allows it to be interpreted as a connection of any sort between people who are close. The song seems to switch now and again between the thoughts of the two people involved, say A & B. The lyric “I was blind, couldn’t find the true essence of our lifetime without a confession from you” sounds as if the said relationship began to break or “have a downfall” because A was more private about their feelings, causing negative feelings (confusion, shame, uncertainty, etc.) for B, which of course are self-induced. Person A is aware of this, and is the one who begins by saying “You’re taking it too hard”. It is B who says “How could you do such a thing, cause I’ve paid every mistake building a void impossible to replace”. It seems like an afterthought of this downfall; B asks “how could you do such a thing” when it is actually B themselves who has placed this whole situation on his/her own shoulders, and therefore causes undue hardship to themselves through immense guilt of losing someone they’ve made out to be irreplaceable.

    That segment is my favorite part of the song, not only because of that lyric, but the solo that follows is just killer. Although it’s short, it’s very tasteful, and I especially like the middle section: the 1st time the guitar note becomes elongated, almost slurred (similar to who the solo is ended) and then seemingly spins out of control. The whole thing has that depressive-yet-uplifting feel to it.
    Khaoson August 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentDo you think the 24 refers to the hours in a day? Or perhaps how long their relationship was together? (i.e. 24 months).
    sokornyon May 26, 2015   Link

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