The thin darkness here
Not strong enough to make you appear
I once changed my style
When they said hello I said goodbye
I once played a role
I was out there marketing my soul

The city of glass that I live in
The coldness from my brothers skin

I trusted you you lied
It's all I hear a fucking lie
I don't give a shit it's over now
It's all I know you broke the vow

Truth is I have seen it come
Seen the ghost of the sun
Can't have it undone
In time we all call out for relief
See two lovers meet
Pass you on the street

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Ghost of the Sun Lyrics as written by Jonas Petter Renkse Anders Nystrom

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Ghost Of The Sun song meanings
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    General CommentI'm really not quite sure what the WHOLE song is about, but I figure from the choruses a broken relationship is a part of it.

    Interesting note: Jonas Renske mentions "The city of glass that I live in." Perhaps more than a coincidence that the instrumental closing track on the album is called "Inside the City of Glass"?
    theothernesson June 06, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthmm a relationship? i thought it was more about brotherhood and betrayal.
    Ruton January 17, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with the brotherhood aspect - it helps tie it in to "My Twin" on Great Cold Emptiness, which shares a number of similar lyrical themes with Viva Emptiness. Also - "city of glass" is a brilliant description of depression. Hats off to Jonas.
    mordred0on June 09, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGhost of the sun literally means the end, so "I've seen the ghost of the sun" means (I saw the end coming).
    Leaving the rest to you simple friends, because I am a very busy man.
    Mr.BadassHeavyMetalon December 17, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI think these are interesting lyrics. I see it as someone who's tried to identify with a group and found nothing of value from this.

    "I once changed my style
    When they said hello I said goodbye
    I once played a role
    I was out there marketing my soul"

    - This sounds like the character's changed themselves to try and belong somewhere, changing their style and marketing themselves to fit in with a group of people, but "when they said hello I said goodbye" is hinting at the trade-off between social acceptance and personal integrity. They - the group - "say hello" while the character "says goodbye" to themselves.

    "The city of glass that I live in
    The coldness from my brothers skin"

    - The city of glass for me is the character's... character, almost. Like they feel as though selling themselves like this has made them fragile and weakened on the inside. The coldness line is probably about betrayal, not being helped when needed.

    "I trusted you you lied
    It's all I hear a fucking lie
    I don't give a shit it's over now
    It's all I know you broke the vow"

    - The best bit of the song XD for me anyways... it's pretty self-explanatory I think, they feel intensely betrayed by this, and bitter that it hasn't got them anything of value. Because of this experience they don't trust anyone anymore; "it's all I hear, a fucking lie" saying that now all they hear from other people is a lie because they were so deeply impacted by this.

    Awesome song!
    sam1011703on September 07, 2015   Link
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    Song MeaningThe sun is an entity that has inherited through sacrifice the responsibility of leading a planet into the next transition phase. There can only be one such entity for a planet. Our courts are a poor Machine replication of this natural law system. Suffice to say there can only be one judge. Jonas has seen prophetic visions/dreams of Jesus. Jesus is the sun/son. He knows in his heart the end is near as he was granted those cosmic downloads. He can't undo the way he perceives reality anymore, as he is in service to others now that he is reborn he no longer seeks social acceptance. He feels that great cold distance between himself and his slave brother. This is what viva emptiness is about. It's about the current incarnation/world state spiritually. Vast majority are living a lie empty and devoid of soul hence the "out there marketing my soul" reference to his old self. Now he sees the lie all around him. He feels let down by his fellow human beings that he once trusted. This song is beautiful because it speaks of how he can't undo the visions he saw that have opened up his heart to god and made him willing to pay the price of loniless to walk the straight and narrow path.
    TheProfitSongon May 26, 2021   Link
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    General CommentJonas is one kickass vocalist. I discovered this band not too long ago, though. =/ Anyway, I saw a video of this one live, totally badass. :) I believe this one is about betrayal of two close friends. I think the line stating, "the city of glass.." describes him not being able to see what was really happening..
    Lateralus518on February 22, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think it's rather about someone who used to live in a bad environment, surrounded by evil people, maybe by social margin, and one day he breaks out of it since he realises they've been simply deceiving him. "It's all I know, you broke the vow" - maybe it means they promised him he'd become superior to everyone else when he joins them, but he noticed in a time that they only pull him down and make him someone like them - someone who simply debased himself. And he doesn't want to live this way.
    "I once changed my style / When they said hello I said goodbye" - this means perhaps they're trying to make him return to them, but he finally keeps his eyes open to see what were they doing with him.
    And "the city of glass that I live in" - maybe it means "I've been living a lie"? Or maybe he wants to say through this that the life he used to live is worthless and fragile, just like something made of glass.
    lindencaton March 31, 2013   Link

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