Where are you now my love
My sweet one
Where have you gone my love
I'm so alone

I only think of you
And it drives me down
I only dream of you

Come here My love
I'll give you
I will teach you
Come here my slave
you will be forever
Sweet, cry my love
With you I can rest

I'll come to you
take my hand
Hold me again
please take my hand

Who are you
What were you
My beauty
I cant tell how I feel
how I felt
You have paid for your unkindness
With you I'm done at last

Please hold me now my love
Where are you now, oh my sweet love

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    General CommentThis is a true love song, a love songs that goes deep in the feelings we had after a separation. We strugle with our self, a part of us wants to find her/him and beg, another wants revenge, to make her/him pain and a third wants to just forget.
    Aegipanon January 20, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAd Nauseam...damn you.....

    Well its simple but i must say that they wrote the love lyrics but not all lyrics are wrote there.
    So il write the whole song...

    Where are you now my love?
    My sweet one,
    Where have you gone, my love?
    I'm so alone.

    I only think of you.
    And it drives me down.
    I only dream of you.

    Come here! My love!
    Il give you...!
    I will teach you!
    Come here! My slave.. you will be forever!
    Sweet! Cry! My love! With you! I can.. can rest!

    I'll come to you. Take my hand.
    Hold me again. Please take my hand.

    Who are you? What were you? My beuty.
    I cant tell. How i feel. How i felt.
    You have been.. for your unkindness.
    With you im done atlast....

    Please hold me now, my love.
    Where are you now, oh my sweet love.

    So its not so simple as our friend Nauseam told it to be. Its about lying about love. At the same time the guy tells and promises to love her but at the same time his dumping her as soon as he is bored with her.
    UnraisedMetalon June 16, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is quite simple, but can anyone make out the kind of screamed bits in the background.
    Ad_Nauseamon March 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentUnraisedMetal, how on earth did you figure out the screamed parts? That aside I think this song (at least to me) is actually about a prostitute. In the beginning of the song he is infatuated with her, but later treats her as a possesion. Once he's through with her he questions who his "love" is becuase she sold herself to him.
    Oracle9on August 08, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti love this song-its one of my favorites off of Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light. Its so slow and moody-and Im glad someone found out the lyrics to the screaming parts because I think its the best part of the song. I never did think of it being about a prostitute, but I can see where you would get that Oracle9.
    CrucifixKisson December 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is beautiful...It makes me cry...but thats coz I'm a wimp. To me it sounds like its about someone getting bored of their partner and the partner is in denial or wants them back or something. I'm not good with words
    Sweaty-Gothon December 31, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI listen again and I have changed my mind. I think this song is about someone who loved someone, then she left him. Now he still wants her back but the other side of him is mega-pissed off at her and wants her dead. Kinda like two sides of him arguing. I think I'm talking bollocks
    Sweaty-Gothon March 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThanks Folks for sharing your valuable comments, below is my view!

    "It's the Bloody Soul who was singing" Why? please read below.

    I think the Author is describing about a relationship!
    Which is in trouble, constant nagging and bitching.
    It's about a Man(subject) who wants to get rid of his Women.
    She is very good in bed and satisfy his needs over lust, but as soon as man is done with it he is back in his true nature of hatred.
    One fine day she thinks of getting rid of him (murder).
    In video "they showed a staircase and little piece of cloth hanging out of her car's trunk" it's nothing but his dead body in the trunk.
    The video portrays how he was pulled down the stair's and pushed into the trunk.
    Subject is still in the house and he can't see the woman, because it's a soul.
    Now he belongs to the other side, Women is unable to see the man too...Thanks Folks, i hope i have made sense!
    karanrocks505on February 11, 2018   Link

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