So vile mens' torment was truly a pleasure
A plan that would change mankind for ever more

Catherine Blake slept fitfully in the
summer night. In the heat.
she murmured gently and moved smoothly,
this way and that. Oh, the beauty.
Her luscious eyes, delicate fingers,
clawed at her sodden bed.
Catherine smiled. Took a fabulous breath
of summer air and tasted death.

Die Erorians' visit had been succesful, rewarding.
with nights of female screams of whimpers,
lustful dreams.
Night followed rampant night of
delicate soft gasps.
The ultimate attack on all Heaven and it's glories.
Seduce them as they slept, oblivous to
their midnight tryst.
The seed of doom was platned.
Phantom raped in their dreams.
The sad ones take their own lives.
Slay their men night after night.

Catherine Blake dreamt of a horror.
Of passion too, and of terror.
Over her silent breast, shadows swept,
shades caressed.

Motherhood was destroyed by the seed
and laid to waste.
A great rift was born. Man and the
world were torn.
The daggers went in dep, vile and sickening.
Women swept away all infancy from their wombs.
And still the Lord God remained silent.
No utterance, no movement, no tears.
The earth became red.
The cutting machines of man.
Disgust and hatred for the lives of woman.
The butchery, the savagery, did spill
unto themselves.
A chorus of agony from Heaven and rain poured
In a colossus of angels tears.
The creature of all sins. The lord of the
bleakest abode.
Did wonder at the silence.
What did the Almighty know?
All Hell did fill with the screaming souls
of dead men.
The mighty army of God did stand and wait.
Hoping our lord would unleash them all.
the great firy pit. Hordes ripped apart.
Chaos ensued, screaming from the dark.
Observing his darkened child, in the miserable corners of earth
The great heart of God will heal up the earth.
The Lord watched as his beloved slipped silently
Back into the darkness below.

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    General CommentIf it interests anyone to know, William Blake's wife was named Catherine. I'm not sure if there's any definite connection, but William Blake was something of a seer who would engrave his visions of angels and devils, accompanying his illustrations with long, complex poems.

    In his longer poems, he developed a complex mythology that described the creation of the world, not unlike the mythological portion of this song's lyrics about a great rift being born, etc. He even wrote a lot about the female abstract, motherhood, womanhood, et cetera.

    This song would make a lot more sense if it were about William Blake rather than Catherine, who I don't think was known to have had any such visions. Perhaps MDB thought the song would have more impact if it were a woman rather than a man having these visions? The song certainly benefits from the imagery of the woman tearing at her sheets and beholding terrible visions.

    The song was obviously inspired by William Blake's poetry, though.
    brian_jameson December 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe meaning of this song is simple - MDB are not known for their pro-Christian views - the message is that while all these horrific things are going on, God, who alone could intervene and stop it, instead stands by and lets it happen, as he has done with atrocities the world over.
    SuaveLizardon January 24, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI really have little idea what this is about. Something about devils raping women in their sleep, and their men killing themselves, and mass abortions. Lovely stuff!
    Ad_Nauseamon March 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI think it's a great song, about the lyrics. It's a story, in their dvd sinamorata (in the booklet) the whole story is written down.
    Corpseon March 08, 2006   Link
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    General Commentit is hard to understand the song completely but it is the battle between good and evil, maybe the evil dominates right now but in the end the good will defenetly win.
    mystica_xon September 26, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationThe general image one should be mindful of is in the mindset of 'slaves' being transported across the ocean: and the slaves seem to have been wondering in the ship for an eternity: the women started to get irritated of men_ and so _ by degrees _ they have started to silently plan for the genocide of all (starting with the men).
    Later God (who is the ruler, voted to power by both Women and Men) was sitting upon a throne, had also fallen into the traps set fourth by 'Sirens of Set'.

    The Women got too greedy with their apparent wins and launched their proposal to God; for this they sent the Siren that had the most attachment with God;
    just as She walked up to God, the Women stabed through the Great One's Heart(which also had pierced her throat; and walking back fell into a pool of Light) God was still alive after this banished all Women and cried...
    Vaevictus491on April 22, 2010   Link

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