I'm taking back the knowledge
I'm taking back the gentleness
I'm taking back the ritual
I'm giving in to sweetness

Oh preacher man
Shoot me with your poison arrow
But I dance on Vaseline
I'm trippin' out
Workin' on a revolution
Gon' let the music in

I'm taking back the children
I'm taking back the ceremony
I'm taking back my offerings
I'm taking back what you mean to me

You're dangerous!
Shoot me with your poison arrow
But I dance on Vaseline
I'm slippin' out
Workin' on a revolution
Go'n let the music in

And war is all around us
The Gods are dead and buried underground
Your hollow Gods are burried underground
I was a silly putty
Your big ideas are useless to me now

My baby saw the future
She doesn't want to live there any more
It's lousy science fiction
Gets on your skin and seeps into your bones

You're dangerous!
Shoot me with your poison arrow
But I dance on Vaseline
I'm slippin' out
Workin' on a revolution
Go'n let the music in

Started in Oklahoma
You always think it happens somewhere else
This madness is attractive
Until the day it happens to yourself

& Power might seem sexy
But check her in the cool grey light of dawn
A legislative body
And all at once your lust for her is gone

& I'm trippin out
Workin on a revolution
Gon' let the day begin

We'll turn it out
Monkey time for evolution
Gon' let the music in

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Dance on Vaseline Lyrics as written by David Byrne

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Dance On Vaseline song meanings
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    My InterpretationSimply, this song it’s a Divorce:

    “...the legislative body, and all at once your lust for her is gone...”

    “Oh preacher man shoot me with your poison arrow” (aka for better or for worst)

    “I’m taking back the...” “...the children...” (aka everything)

    “This madness it’s attractive, until the day it happens to yourself” (that’s how and why one will get this song)

    P.S.: “Brevity is the soul of wit”
    -W. Shakespeare
    Don_Caguix01on September 04, 2018   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics to the song describe the perspective of the snake from the Garden of Eden as he regrets passing along "knowledge" to humanity because of what they have done with it. He blames the "preacher man" for making him a target of derision, a "silly putty" to shape into an object of blame. The snake is saying that the world is a scary, violent place because of what humanity has done with knowledge. The Oklahoma reference is probably about the bombing by Tim McVeigh, which happend just a couple of years before the song was written. At the same time, the snake is mocking those who target him, he gets away because he can "dance on vaseline". He's "slipping out" and working to change the world again, this time by giving music. In the "light of dawn" of this new world the lust for power and domination will be exposed for what it is (a "legislative body") and people will no longer crave it. When he "lets the music in" people will evolve past power and violence.
    Ascoltion May 04, 2012   Link
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    General CommentDoes anyone know what this is about? Please explain to us all.
    led zep lindholmon September 08, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit's about not letting people who try to compromise you as a person affect you and it's also kind of an attempt to convince people who do that kind of stuff that it's stupid.
    KTBon July 12, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song is about realizing the awesome beauty of the world and realizing that religion, politics and all of the issues in modern society are rediculous and that the only rational thing to admire and answer to in the world is the natural world itself - 'Your big ideas are useless to me now' (talking about the widely believed ideas in modern day and that they are so far from being human that they are in fact useless because we are all human) - 'im taking back the ritual' (talking about the beginning of human kind when the ancient tribes adorned the sun and world as a beautiful life giving environment). he talks about 'tripping out'. this is an explicit reference to an experience on mushrooms and/or acid where these revelations are extremely prevalent.
    cooljgb75on September 03, 2007   Link

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