You wanna be in the spotlight?
you wanna be in the public eye?
free drinks - V.I.P shit - all that - not quite
yeah, it's hard work - the only thing you got right
you wanna be on covers?
you wanna be in the spotlight?

A message to all concerned
think first so you won't get burned
these are some of the things I've learnt
think first so you won't get burned

(showed too much class)
(talked too much trash)
(hauled too much ass)
(smoked too much hash)

keep your head together - a be cautious
the sweet smell of success - can make you nauseous
celebrities are dealing with the type of forces
that fuck up the compass knocking boats of their courses

I hear: "way to go, saw you on the radio
heard you on TV the last time you had a show"
I go: "later - yo! - I'm glad you enjoyed
I'd like to be by myself then you get annoyed
like "be like that I guess my daddy's right
all you celebrities are so self-satisfied"

the first times it took me by surprise like Gladys Knight
but then I learned their bark is worse than they bite
but at nights when the lights are fading dim
it's the man in the mirror - you end up hating him
at night when the lights are fading dim
I know frustration is a devastating thing

"What's your name, Sir?"
My name's Paleface, I'm a supadupa star
every other week I get a brand new car
it's funny - you never know who your friends are
you lose touch with reality in the back of the bar

people think your loaded when you noted and famed
some get so zoaded - they end up bloated and maimed
celebrities - sugar-coated and tamed
at gunpoint like housepets - loaded and aimed

"we'll squeeze the trigger if you don't co-operate"
go figure how to operate with a blown mind
turning deaf, dumb and blind - it'll come around all that you leave behind

signed hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of autographs
I ain't saying it's too much for yawl to ask
two years past - it's all changing sorta fast
you had your fifteen minutes - now it's quarter past

Fame - a peculiar mixture of holding your own and posing for pictures
Fame - Luke 7:35 - ancient scriptures
Fame - one of the worst forms of addiction
Fame - feel it oozing thru the pours of your skin

"Am I really on the cover?"
"Of course if you will and if not we will have to use force on your kin"
Fame - feel it oozing thru the pours of your skin

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