I'm a peaceful man
I'm a peaceful man
but you ain't saying nothin' I'm feeling
but I ain't feelin' you
but A beggar can't be a chooser

Dajjal gave african-americans Crack
and white americans Prozac
I know that
Jesse Helms is really Oswald Pohl
and Bob Dole leads Coal Control
and Swiss banks
are an ol' faithfull laundromat
for the likes of Helmut Kohl
(naah) beer, pin-ball and jazzy soul
relax and enjoy a passive bowl
watch your step and mind that massive hole
I'm the man behind that Grassy Knoll
to really find a classy role
is what every actor dream
How can an equation of one factor seem
attractive like tractor beam
opinions are like assholes
everybody's got one

Grown men worry about
other things like receding hairlines
I'm smugglin' illegal Xylitol
on Singapore Airlines
I warm my hands
on top of a burning pile of
785,000 printed copies of "Howl"
so, this is what freedom of speech
soaked in gasoline smells like
the stench is foul
"a Pale Rider shall appear
when you hear the hoot of a Horned Owl"
the only political movement
I sense right now is in my bowel
nowhere close to '68
I feel stronger kinship with the Spirit of '69
cropped heads and heavy boots
Fred Perry kicks behinds
my lackies fix me lines
but I certainly don't snort them
now, thanks to Father Metro
I don't burn microphones
I support them

And finally faith steps in
and sees you through
the Lone Spectator screams "yoo-hoo"
she said I dreamt of
smaller things when I was little
well, my dreams grew too - as I got older
another 88 DAYS to carry this
boulder around on my shoulders
and then I'm free to do whatever I please
but, until then I see
25,000 warheads pointed right at me

I don't wanna be
a big baller, shot caller
I wanna be Gustav Mahler
dispite my uncontrollable obsession
with mammary glands

I see glamrock bands turn to goths
in front of camera stands
injected with truth serum
I scare 'em as I testify:
"all I wanted all along was to do
cover-songs by Procol Harum"

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