Everybody, soul and body cold
All this sickness, you lost control
You can't get it
You just don't get it, no
You can't get it
You got zero

Look within me, am I evil though
Memories bring tears of years old
You can't get it
You just don't get it, no
You can't get it
You got zero

Life, you take it
Lies, you fake it
Suffer, within me
Torn, you you break it
Life, Control it
Lies, withhold it
Suffer, you're skinny
Torn, you're wasted

Kids with defects
We're all rejects, so
Don't forget it, cold inside
You can't get it
You just don't get it, no
You can't get it
You got zero

Break this take control
Take this I control it
Break this take control
Take this I control it

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Control It Lyrics as written by Kenneth Lacey Antonio Campos

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    General Commentthis is my personal favorite off of shadow zone. To me, there isn't a specific theme in this song, but there are a lot of good points: one being that we should think for ourselves and stop listening to lies other people tell us and take control of ourselves.
    Pushit117on May 11, 2004   Link
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    imsocrazy1234321on June 03, 2004   Link
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    General Commentnot really...
    GhostWishingon June 13, 2004   Link
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    General CommentMild chorus correction.

    Life - you take it
    Lies - you Fake it
    Suffer - It in me
    Torn - you break it
    Life - control it
    Lies - withhold it
    Suffer - you're skinny
    Torn - you're wasted
    Caspainon January 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI know most people who are into Static X are likely to be all round metal heads, and not in the least bit open minded about music...eventhough they'll stick to the fact that they are, but anyway...I foudn that you can do the melbourne shuffle hardcore style to this song, and it's actually freaking awesome!!
    I think I just discovered a link between industrial metal and rave/hardstyle!! Wooot!
    duff3don May 15, 2008   Link
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    General CommentHey, I think the lyrics are right as posted, I think he does say "within me." Oh and about the song, heres a weird thought that occurred to me one day. It might be about a person with a deadly disease (cancer seems most fitting) since he refers to sickness, defects, being skinny and wasted and how something takes the life out of you:
    Life - you take it: self explanatory
    Lies - you fake it: the doctors/family trying to mitigate the seriousness of your condition to comfort you
    Suffer - within me: the suffering cancer causes and how it stems from inside the patient and normally not an outside cause (except lung cancer and mesothelioma which are usually caused by smoking and asbestos exposure)
    Torn - you break it: refers to how cancer treatment basically "tears" you apart in order to "break it" and beat the disease
    Life - control it: for your life to resume, you must control the cancer
    Lies - withhold it: "give it to me straight doc"
    Suffer - you're skinny; Torn - you're wasted: self explanatory, you suffer, youre skinny and wasted from treatment etc...
    Well im rambling (mainly because this song is awesome and i love to analyze it) but the lyrics in this song seem to support my theory so im only going to interpret the chorus. Disclaimer: this is a very unconventional way of interpreting this song and i must add i posted this theory just to get the readers to think outside the box for shits and giggles, I personally think this is one of those songs that's open to interpretation from the listener. But for the record my theory is pretty well-supported, is it not. Awesome tune, one of Static-X's best, even though I LOVE all their music and this band is probably my favorite metal/evil disco group.
    argosaxthechaoson September 29, 2008   Link

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