supreme beings, zodiac signs, slow nothingness,
baby's bottle, magnetic attraction in a maze,
to bring together two forces in egypt.

oh look at this, what a beautiful day in egypt.

creating rock structures to baffle future fellows.

we're builders, the best of the masons of tomorrow.

wiping beads of sweat as i squint my eyes narrow.

narrow-sighted me like stones in brain surgery, i'm bald headed.

aching feet and back are a part of my day.

daytime, nighttime, always got to work, work, work-time,

sleep-time, no time to find, found nothing.

but i got a big old headache building up.

in the sky, a phenomenon on this.

this is the reason that we had to make a song about it.

the sun and the moon on the verge of a merge, what's next?

is the sun burning holes in my eyes? ouch!

i'm tired of swatting at these gosh darn flies.

me, oh my, oh it smells like camel dung,

and my eye liner's melting in the sun.

thank god for the aliens, 'cause now we have sunglasses.

my arms are perpetually at ninety degree angles.

we are better than the greeks, and smarter than the romans.

it's getting darker now, the crescent sun is disappearing.

but i'm afraid of the big bad sun god.

backing over and over in disbelief.

it's not really the end, why you getting in that spaceship?

but the sun's a halo, and now i'm getting cold.

it's a wonderful day to die.
the sun and the moon collide in the sky.
so burn all your crops and hide your kids.
we made the sun mad, i wonder what we did.

it's a wonderful day to die.
the sun and the moon collide in the sky.
he's so far away, i wonder if he hears me.
oh look, everyone is going crazy!

i once had a dream that everything that was happening would end up in a song.
i don't want to be a pharoah like my father was,
i want to drive a spaceship to america when it's discovered
and be the first egyptian president.

run away, weaving in and out of the chaos,
drop your tools and throw your hands up.
scream as loud as you can, everyone else is.
you can too, make your eyes wide, look at your side.
no inhibitions, tear out, throw away your pride.

check it out, my first hieroglyphic pre-skin.
can i make the skin stop burning off, soul and bones?
will the village ever stop flying up, losing homes?
look at all the aliens flying away, we're all alone.

the streets are wild with excitement, stealing, robbing,
turning over tables, knocking over children and the elderly.
they're worried about their own life.
little do they know their neighbor's coveting their wife
and ransacking their house right now.

somebody better save my sphinx, where's the tarp
when the sky is falling and on the brink of destruction?
2000 years after the jesus, i've run out of time.
hopefully they won't try to look to deep into it.

"it's the end of the world as we know it,"
yet i don't feel too fine, lost my mind,
when the sun and moon aligned for the first time in my life.
i'm a dove, meaning i'm relaxed by the halo above.

for an egyptian, i should have a bigger gun,
but the knights around the round table might try to kill me.
i ain't got no sunblock, it ain't been invented.
i need to buy plutonium for my time traveling helmet.

hellfire on earth, it's starting to get light again. what have we done?
meaning i'm realizing that these men have made a great mistake,
awake to see their destiny. we have to mend the past,
it's been a blast, but it won't get the best of me.

sole and alias:
oh look at this, what a very sad day in egypt.
the aliens left, and took the technology.
the humans all died and the buildings burned down.
luckily, there were scorpions around.
they had very hard shells, to block the sunrays.
from this evolved, like the humans from the apes.
they roamed the earth for ages and were very, very smart.
and this is where we learned our so-called...

brain candy, in conclusion, triple-thread in cairo.
run to israel, it's safer there.
you'll learn someday, never stay awake in egypt.

Lyrics submitted by pepe con leche

Token Joyous Tune About Scorpions And Their Place In Modern Society song meanings
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