well it's 7:45, oh yeah, we’ll see who’s the bigger man.
other dead men walking, 4:00p.m., i heard a dead man talking.
he said it's inconsequential, forget it, it's nice.
i will always get into harlotsville with this knife, get away.
i don’t want to buy you a drink, but did i piss on your pride little girl?
yeah i stepped on your feet, you want to eat that dirty white hat?
what ya looking at?
recap, bartender, tender me some sex on the beach
before i reach out and impediment your speech.
once i get him in my reach, unprecedented impeach.
he saw a double crossed dance illuminated by disco lights.
unseen unspoken, in this scene, i'm provoking a thought provoking scene
in a smoke scene interrupted by intervening disco lights.
ain't nobody dancing, ain't no music, everybody's still.
i can only see one man, he looks good enough to kill.
so i must muscle my way through dozens of imposers,
10:30 to ten feet away, five fingers surroundin' the object of intrusion.
i don’t need to see his eyes, i feel his jacket, then his shirt, then his skin,
then his kidneys, then oh, then blood, then blood, then blood,
then neck, then blood, then blood, then blood.
just then, i see his girl watching over him
like she's gonna cry his little ass back to life.
this is my only way i know so i must remove the knife.
we eye to eye now, good-bye to his life.
fool, i told you i would get my five dollars back tonight.

another night, another dollar, another crowd i've enlisted to make hollar.
another "i really wish this crowd was a little bit larger."
excuse me mister promoter, could i bother
you for a couple of bottles of premiums
placed on the stage for me and my brethren?
you know, beverages, intoxication, balance and leverage.
guessing this is that point where i grab the mic and make my point,
kick my flow, make ’em say 'hoooo,' blow the lid off the joint.
ahem, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and then they befriended,
i love it when this situation happens.
this the type of crowd that builds self esteem,
come 10:30 was when i finally felt that sting
(yo yo yo yo (he's got a knife) yo what the fuck's going over here?
calm the fuck down, calm that shit down. (that’s blood!)
check, check, yo, get ’em up, get off, get off).

i shed another blood, you knew i would, i feel you should
adapt, can’t run forever trapped.
death stepped up to shed another blood, you knew i would, i feel you should
adapt, can’t run forever trapped.
death stepped up to...

dose one:
"sorry, just alcohol."
thanks anyhow, it's just been one of those days, alcohol only.
how could you not sell fucking cigarettes at a bar? (excuse me, pardon me).
i wonder where those two wild women are.
i’ve gotten off, one minute they’re all ears and big eyes (pardon me),
then they’re wandering off (pardon me) to bark up the next man's tree (excuse me!).
thank you, jesus christ this place that’s a foxy young lady.
if she'd only put some clothes on (excuse) enough.
i’ll stay put and just vend in the meat market, humm humm humm.
who are these...that shit's pretty dope but i can hardly hear his vocals
and the bass is too loud.
actually, this kid's nasty.
too bad i can’t hear the words (excuse me!).
damn, like he couldn’t have just walked past...oh, and the stare too.
see, everybody wants to show you how big their...and how little they think.
i'll be, if it is, that's that chick jim was trying to get on.
she’s alright, man it's hot as balls in here.
why'd i wear this?...ahhh! he’s got a knife! is that blood?!
he's, oh my god, i’ve never been this...he's, that’s blood!
he’s dying, somebody, gone...

uh uh uh, oh my god, twisting and turning, what’s that sensation of burning?
yearning to witness some spoken words but now i’m learning
that i can't step into the outer limits of my abode
without kids acting hard and staring, glaring, yes, i’m in the daring mode.
my girl debated me going out at this nocturnal time.
she said that i should just chill, stay in the house and write a rhyme.
i disagreed and ventured out totally against all of her wishes,
stated that if i went to this particular venue, i'd later be needing stitches.
but my manhood and the need to ease my mind has forced me out
to check and see what this up and coming lyrist is all about.
arrived at the show at 9:45, heads saying these kids are live.
waited in line to pay my fee to take my entrance to this dive.
already performing up on stage, these kids outside smoke deuce,
the rhymesayer had the crowd by the balls while up in the dj booth.
final manipulation is complex in the body of its sound,
mesmerized and higher elevated, on the shoulder i feel a pound.
my right side and his right side connected accidental,
he’s staring in my vision and taking, said something about knocking out dentals.
then tried it on slowly, i paid no attention to his words
'cause pursuing any challenge brought forth at this point would be absurd.
i saw no familiar faces in the sea of goatees and baseball caps,
which is fine with me 'cause this ocean is filled with mindless saps.
just then, i heard a scream behind me, there was quite a commotion,
i felt something tap my back once and then it repeated in this motion.
oh my god, twisting and turning, what’s that sensation of burning?
yearning to just witness some spoken words but now i’m learning.
i should have listened to my girl when she spoke up and debated,
if i had, then my body and soul would not be separated (oh my god).

i shed another blood, you knew i would, i feel you should
adapt, can’t run forever trapped.
death stepped up to shed another blood, you knew i would, i feel you should
adapt, can’t run forever trapped...

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    General Commentsong's about a murder in a club with each rapper taking on a different person at the club. alias' verse kills it
    tjelenoon August 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYeah, best song on the cd in my opinion
    CRWon December 27, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYeah and like tjeleno said, this is about a murder at a club. Sole is the killer, Slug is the guy performing on stage, Dose One is a random guy in the crowd, and Alias is the guy who goes to see Slug perform, but gets killed by Sole.
    CRWon January 03, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI lol'd when Limewire said this was Atmosphere.
    Horroron October 11, 2010   Link

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