You've got the mouth of a she wolf
Inside the mask of an innocent lamb
You say your heart is all compassion
But there's just a flat line on your cardiogram

Yet you always made a profit baby
If it was a famine or a feast

Yes, I'm the soul of indiscretion,
I was cursed with x-ray vision,
I could see right through all the lies you told,
When you smiled for the television

And you can see the coming battle
You pray the drums will never cease
And you may win this war that's coming
But would you tolerate the peace?

Investing in munitions
And those little cotton flags
Invest in wooden caskets
In guns and body bags, guns and body bags

Your daddy was a businessman
And it always made good sense
You know the war can make you rich my friend
In dollars, pounds and cents

In the temple that was Mammon's
You were ordained the parish priest
Yes you may win this coming battle
But could you tolerate the peace?

Invest in deadly weapons
And those little cotton flags
Invest in wooden caskets
In guns and body bags
You're invested in oppression
Investing in corruption
Invest in every tyranny
And the whole world's destruction

I imagine there's a future
When all the earthly wars are over
You may find yourself just standing there
On the white cliffs of Dover

You may ask, what does it profit a man
To gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?
Is that your body you see on the rocks below
As the tide begins to roll?

And you invested in this prison
From which you never got released
You may have won this war we're fighting
But would you tolerate the peace?

There's a war on our democracy
A war on our dissent
There's a war inside religion
And what Jesus might have meant

There's a war on mother nature
A war upon the seas
There's a war upon the forests
On the birds and the bees

There's a war on education
A war on information
A war between the sexes
And every nation

A war on our compassion
A war on understanding
A war on love and life itself
It's war that they're demanding

Make it easy on yourself
And don't do nothing

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This War Lyrics as written by Gordon Sumner

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    General CommentOnce I held peace in the palm of my hand. How we danced.
    sillybunnyon July 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOreed an youkezny ahad
    Hal youmken le an odakhen hona?
    mumkin tantazirni?

    mumken yimken
    mumken ohebak
    sillybunnyon July 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm thinking it may be novel to just ignore war--something that sounds easier than it is because paying attention to people who want to scare me has become a habit. Still, I could act like war is sports. Sports are fine for others but I don't have a particular interest. Could be that I can do the same with war--it's fine for others but I don't have a particular interest.

    It's not really clear to me why I ever let war creep into my perspective in the first place. Maybe I was curious but war, you are not intriguing and certainly I'm never going to jump up to play with you... so, see ya later, alligator ....
    sillybunnyon July 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentExcerpt—interview by Anthony DeCurtis

    The very language Sting uses to describe that character's plight under siege, terrified of the world, a storm raging at the gates gets at one of Sacred Love’s most compelling aspects. Among its other ambitions, the album is a bold attempt to weave meaningful connections between the struggles within the souls of individual people and the larger events wracking our social and political worlds. That goal makes perfect sense, given the album's genesis. Sacred Love was recorded during the agonizing build-up to the war on Iraq, and the urgency of that time suffuses the entire album -- most grippingly on This War. There’s a war on our compassion, he sings, There’s a war on understanding/There’s a war on love and life itself/Its war that they’re demanding. A stirring cry of protest, the songs rests on a single pointed question: Yes, you may win this coming battle/But could you tolerate the peace?
    sillybunnyon August 30, 2006   Link

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