I know we got some history
We got some issues that we need to solve
But is it really such a mystery?
It's just the way that the world evolves
Let me ask your forgiveness baby
My heart is ever full of sorrow
We got to move into the future maybe
And think about a new tomorrow

She said you know I used to love you baby
But you're thinking way too fast
So forget about the future
And let's get on with the past

So they called a 'nited nations summit
To negotiate for peace on earth
And it may be idealistic baby
But I know what peace of mind is worth
Everybody aired their grievances
And they threw away the suture
They opened up all the wounds of the past
As they failed to find their way to the future

They said we'd better check the weather chart
Before we tie our colors to this mast
It's just too hard thinking about the future baby
So let's just get on with the past

She said we'd better check the horoscope honey
Just in case this feeling wasn't meant to last
It's just too hard thinking about the future
So let's just get on with the past

How many times you ever hear me say
I'm as flawed as any other human being?
There simply has to be a different way
And a whole new way of seeing
Are we doomed by all our history?
Is our love really beyond repair?
It's getting close to midnight baby
And we ain't got time to spare

Just when I think I'm home and dry
And she's given up the fight
There's an unmistakable optimism
In romantic music and candlelight
There's this lingering perfume
The merest ghost of the past
She says wait a minute baby
You're moving way too fast
We'd better check the weather chart
Before we raise this mast
We'd best consult our horoscope
In case this feeling wasn't meant to last
Let's just forget about the future
And get on with the past

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Forget About The Future song meanings
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    General CommentOkay, all joking aside, this could be a song about making up with Frances—Sting’s first wife that he divorced roughly about the same time that he divorced himself from The Police in the early eighties.

    He asks for her forgiveness—at the time the headiness and excesses of pop-rock-stardom propelled him past his more cultured life with this accomplished actress and he ran off—love struck—with soul-mate Trudie, who blended perfectly with the chapters he was venturing into as a solo artist.

    When the unmistakable optimism shows up I’m not sure if this represents overtures on her part to forgive and forget—she was so hurt she couldn’t speak his name for years—that did surface before she dove back into the past for the ironic comfort heartache provides or something else. But I understand the three of them—Sting, Trudie and Frances—are friends again even though the song ends with the idea that she’s unsure if she wants to forgive him and she’s still haunted by the past.
    sillybunnyon July 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI’ve noticed that some fans feel “Sacred Love”, the album this song comes from is Sting’s weakest effort and perhaps it is not as energetic as previous albums but looking at this song and several others, I’m wondering if he was handling some necessary repairs to his own heart by letting go of old wounds in song. Music can be wonderfully therapeutic—especially in matters of the heart.
    sillybunnyon July 22, 2006   Link
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    General Comment"Forget About the Future" - with its unforgettably sardonic kicker line, "So forget about the future, honey/Let's get on with the past" -- compares a couple determined to relive every painful battle of their relationship to the squabbling countries at the United Nations. [Sting]: "They opened up all the wounds of the past/As they failed to see their way to the future."
    sillybunnyon August 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThink I need to wave my wand.
    But you won't because you are scared.
    Look, I am not Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones and stepping into that chasm thinking my foot will find the magical path!
    So, you're not. You don't even look like him.
    Neither do you.
    You have no idea how I look.
    True, but I can sense a fairly frequent grin on your face. It had better not be a smirky grin.
    It is.
    So who's stuck in the past?
    I'm not. Stuck, yes, but not in the past and not in the future. There is so much to consider and I am not an impulsive strategist.
    But you are.
    Silly me. I forgot. I'll work this out. You could help, you know.
    Best not to. I have a way of turning everything into a free-for-all. You have a lighter touch.
    Have I been horoscope obsessed? I don't recall this.

    You're dreaming. It's a wonder you recall anything at all and yet you do. Both of us could say that you have said more than once, you're moving way too fast.
    Impatience is exactly that and not exactly a recipe request for speed.
    That's why you have the wand instead of us, baby.
    I wish I was smarter.
    I wish you weren't such a nervous nellie.
    I wish I knew how to do this.
    What does all this have to do with this song?
    Everything and nothing. I could be flying off the handle when I'm full of baloney again.
    We're both used to you doing this and we're fine with it. Part of your charm ....
    sillybunnyon July 11, 2006   Link

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