Inside the doors are sealed to love
Inside my heart is sleeping
Inside the fingers of my glove
Inside the bones of my right hand
Inside it's colder than the stars
Inside the dogs are weeping
Inside the circus of the wind
Inside the clocks are filled with sand
Inside she'll never hurt me
Inside the winter's creeping
Inside the compass of the night
Inside the folding of the land

Outside the stars are turning
Outside the world's still burning

Inside my head's a box of stars I never dared to open
Inside the wounded hide their scars, inside this lonesome sparrow's fall
Inside the songs of our defeat, they sing of treaties broken
Inside this army's in retreat, we hide beneath the thunder's call

Outside the rain keeps falling
Outside the drums are calling
Outside the flood won't wait
Outside they're hammering down the gate

Love is the child of an endless war
Love is an open wound still raw
Love is a shameless banner unfurled
Love's an explosion,
Love is the fire of the world
Love is a violent star
A tide of destruction
Love is an angry scar
A violation, a mutilation, capitulation, love is annihilation.

Inside the failures of the light, the night is wrapped around me
Inside my eyes deny their sight, you'd never find me in this place
Inside we're hidden from the moonlight, we shift between the shadows
Inside the compass of the night, inside the memory of your face

Outside the walls are shaking
Inside the dogs are waking
Outside the hurricane won't wait
Inside they're howling down the gate

Love is the child of an endless war
Love is an open wound still raw
Love is a shameless banner unfurled
Love's an explosion,
Love is the fire at the end of the world
Love is a violent star
A tide of destruction
Love is an angry scar
The pain of instruction
Love is a violation, a mutilation, capitulation,
Love is annihilation.

I climb this tower inside my head
A spiral stair above my bed
I dream the stairs don't ask me why,
I throw myself into the sky

Love me like a baby, love me like an only child
Love me like an ocean; love me like a mother mild
Love me like a father, love me like a prodigal son
Love me like a sister, love me like the world has just begun
Love me like a prodigy, love me like an idiot boy,
Love me like an innocent, love me like your favorite toy
Love me like a virgin, love me like a courtesan,
Love me like a sinner, love me like a dying man.

Annihilate me, infiltrate me,
Incinerate me, accelerate me,
Mutilate me, inundate me,
Violate me, implicate me,
Vindicate me, devastate me

Love me like a parasite, love me like a dying sun
Love me like a criminal, love me like a man on the run

Radiate me, subjugate me,
Incubate me, recreate me,
Demarcate me, educate me,
Punctuate me, evaluate me,
Conjugate me, impregnate me,
Designate me, humiliate me,
Segregate me, opiate me,
Calibrate me, replicate me

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Inside Lyrics as written by Gordon Sumner

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    General CommentI just love this song, alog with Desert Rose, its my fave.

    Unfortunatly, its on his latest album, which is kinda ... um, well, not his best.
    theladysopalon November 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentTo be loved you have to expose your deepest parts. When your deepest parts are like another, the desire to share the deepness can be the destructive. It is easiest to stay inside, the lonely but safe realm.
    Leeeesaon October 03, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHow do I know that all this wasn't disguised as tantalizing challenge to the extent that he felt he wanted an invitation?
    You don't but then, did you want an invitation or were you just grabbed? You're thinking and I'm laughing. Of course you didn't want an invitation.
    Does he?
    The curious will love reading this and I'll never really explain anything.
    You never do.
    I wasn't planning on starting now.
    Well, does he?
    Oh, the invite? Yes and no. And then of course, he is using poetic license and being the drama queen or would that be king?
    Who's heard of a drama king? no one. It's drama queen for male or female.
    Are you helping me to avoid answering you directly?
    Sure looks like it. I'm just silly putty when you're around.
    My favorite thing about you. And you know, it's not the allure of this adventure he wants. He just heard you ran off with some of his essence and he wants it back.
    I could have done it and not mentioned it to either of you.
    Are we always such characters?
    We're generally much worse.
    Well, you .... maybe. Not me. And who knows about him?
    sillybunnyon July 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentReminds me of the songs he would write when he would sleep with Readers Digest's "Ways to Increase Your Word Power" under his pillow ....
    You're so funny ...
    sillybunnyon July 21, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYou know I’ve been curious for years to see what all this—this that no one will know what I am referring to and who cares?—it’s not really important—looks like and he went way way way way over my head and now I have to think! A simpler explanation would have sufficed…
    Yes, but I don’t want your brain to get sluggish.
    As if it was in danger … Okay. Inside. No one can get in, his heart is sleeping, he feels it and it’s colder than the stars because he’s not inside. There’s been tears—I love “circus of the wind”—time stands still? If I make this long enough, no one will read it—which is my aim, I imagine. She’ll never hurt me? Don’t know—I’m not perfect. Yes, we do winter and yes, we have the night compass. Folding of the land? Not sure what it means.
    Outside the stars are still turning and the world’s still burning although in the story, inside has its fires as well.

    So instead of opening the box of stars, he left it inside—too scary. We don’t hide our scars all that good around here. We do sing songs of defeat and we won’t even go into broken treaties—I could lose my temper. I guess we’re in retreat when we aren’t advancing and yes, we always hide. Someone might try to have us for breakfast…
    The rain, the drums, the flood that won’t wait—those hammering the gates? Well you blow a big horn and someone’s gonna want to hear the concert but we have dragged our butts so very long I can only conclude this is some brilliant strategy that hasn’t panned out as of yet.

    And now—love could be personified in answer to an endless war and this might look like an open and raw wound—great special effects! And yes, perhaps a shameless banner unfurled—I could see someone shrieking—have you no shame?! Guess not. I’ve been metaphorically an explosion, fire? Sure… a violent star, okay but tide of destruction? Depends? If I was destroying walls that stand in the way of insight, maybe. But now love being a violation, mutilation, capitulation, and annihilation—well, I don’t know! Sounds like we need a rapid re-write here. Oh my!

    But we couldn’t come in doing Care Bears Eat Cotton Candy at the Carnival now, could we?
    How do I know? Do I look smart?
    Well, yes.
    Easy for you to say.

    Well I don’t think he figured it out either. He climbed the tower and dreamed the stairs don’t ask him why. Bet he can’t wait for exams week …
    Bet. But the love sounds good enough to want, though, doesn’t it?
    I suppose.
    You suppose?
    I’ve learned to be half as cagey as you, professor. But let’s hope no one takes him at his word because certainly it would be awful to see love annihilating, incinerating and all that other stuff—it doesn’t sound pretty! Personally I think he’s trying what never ever works for me—and that is
    Being dramatic to push a point? True. It never ever works for you but maybe he’s the teacher’s pet.
    I would hope not. I have a hard enough time without some teacher’s pet trying to beat my time. I’ll quit.

    You’ve quit so many times I’ve lost track.
    Yet another ploy that never seems to work here…
    sillybunnyon July 22, 2006   Link
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    General Comment[Sting]: “'Inside' is a song about someone who's been hurt in love and is under siege and hiding away from the world. I think our society encourages that. We live in gated communities, and we're terrified of the world outside. But there's a storm raging at the gates, and sooner or later you're going to have to open the door and deal with it."
    sillybunnyon August 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentExcerpt—interview by Anthony DeCurtis—here and above

    Still, writing songs about love hardly constitutes an artistic breakthrough particularly for Sting, who has written some of the best, and some of the eeriest, love songs of our time. Love may be the answer, but if it is to regain its rightful power in our lives, it will need to be rescued from the clichés that have eroded its meaning. Sting sets out to do that from the very start on “Inside,” the album’s opening track. Inside the doors are sealed to love, the song begins, and that fortress will need to come down for love to do its work.
    sillybunnyon August 30, 2006   Link
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    General Commentsillybunny, you are making me cringe. Can you shut up?
    englephaton September 22, 2006   Link
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    General CommentCats got my tongue—won’t give it back. I offered to let them live at your house but they shrunk back in horror screaming—not that! Oh please—not that! Anthing but that!! Go figure … I'm admittedly clueless ...
    sillybunnyon October 13, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe song appears to be about the premise that love is characterized by destruction and suffering. But I can't tell if it's being sung by a character that has experienced love-related suffering, or if it's a general statement made by the singer to the audience. The huge number of metaphors mixed with potential metaphors make this hard to interpret. Normally I'd say that, unless there was an official statement, you should just take it literally, but I don't think he wants to annihilate babies, so there's gotta be *something* in there. He's just bad at communicating it, I'm afraid.
    Aethonicon August 07, 2009   Link

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