small doses, daily
absorbed and collected in the glands of fatty tissues over time

somewhere in the asshole of my eye
there's a muscle which relaxes when you cry
somewhere in the eye of my brain
there's a muscle which makes me go...

storage cells for hidden substance
but new flavours and aromas go on

reflect on your absence
genuflect in my presence
remove your absess, they say it's cancer

(flavourful, beautiful)

bananas help me unwind
watermelon makes it awesome

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Inoculate the Innocuous song meanings
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    General CommentI cannot make sense of this song.
    But parts of it do remind me of modest mouse, a tad. When it gets all slow.
    But the unicorns are ten times better, of course.
    Anyways~ I really likethis song.
    brokenspoonson April 08, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI can just say "WTF." as to the meaning of this song. the nonsensical lyrics don't make much sense.

    somewhere in the asshole of my eye
    there's a muscle which relaxes when you cry
    somewhere in the eye of my brain
    there's a muscle which makes me go...

    i think of "letting go" or something when i read that. >_>
    theovendoesntknowon March 09, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"flavourful, beautiful" ..... meaning, the cancerous absess?

    haha yeah. this song sounds so good... but is so.. wierd. i wish someone could explain to me the meanings of lots of their music.
    anncherieson April 07, 2005   Link
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    General Comment\"bananas help me unwind
    watermelon makes it awesome \"

    Haha, I love that. I\'m not sure why.
    Rockin-Robinon April 23, 2005   Link
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    General Comment"reflect on your absence
    genuflect in my presence"

    genuflect = to bend to one's knees, especially in worship

    Maybe has something to do with a girlfriend that left him and he wants her back, but when she comes back he wants her to 'bow down' to him as if he were a god = she never should have left him?

    "inoculate the innoculous"
    inoculate - there are several definitions, but I think that this one fits the best: 'to introduce immunologically active material (as an antibody or antigen) into especially in order to treat or prevent a disease'
    innocuous - adj - 1)producing no injury; 2) not likely to give offense or to arouse strong feelings or hostility

    Seeing as 'innocuous' is an adjective and not a noun, I guess we'll just have to assume the adj meaning is meant in noun would it mean to try to protect something that doesn't need protection?

    I can't really seem to work out the rest of the lyrics right now (I've been at it for a while now), but I'm guessing it's about how he's trying to excercize control over someone that doesn't need it....

    NEW THOUGHT: is it about being on drugs? "favor and aromas"
    mwalkon April 29, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti always interpreted the phrase "inoculate the innocuous" to mean "protect the harmless."

    and i highly doubt it's about being on drugs.
    pheonixon July 25, 2005   Link
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    General Commentlove this song

    the part where he repeats "flavourful, beautiful" is sweet! Get whatever you want from that, its awesome! Same as the rest of the song.

    I think the song was written with media influence and the whole anti-terrorism thing in mind. "innoculate the innocuous" = "protect ourselves from the harmless."

    "small doses daily" - news coverage, daily paper, etc
    "muscle that relaxes when you cry" - emotional tatics used to influence ppl, inhibiting rational thought (hmmm, "asshole of my eye"=brain?)

    the rest makes some cool sense too. the origional song didn't have that "flavourful, beautiful" part... maybe it was added just cuz it just sounds cool.... i think the song shifts to the idea that its so easy to influence our beliefs about the world, bc we don't really think about it anyway. too busy eating our bananas and watermelon. mmmm, watermelon.
    meow13on August 25, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAlthough I suppose this is really about what meaow13 is talking about, I gotta say it really reminds me of fever and sickness. And hospitals. I don't know why...

    The first version of the song (from the album Unicorns Are People Too) reminds me even more of this. It's also a somewhat more depressing than the most recent version. (none of them are really depressing, though..) When you hear the children playing and laughing, I imagine the guy in the song has been fed numerous different medications, so he's probably a bit drugged. He knows he's gonna die, and he's looking out the window or whatever, where the children play, and he thinks about how much he'll miss the world when he dies.

    That's probably nowhere close to what the song is really about, but at least that's what I think about when I hear it. There's not really a wrong vs. right when it comes to what a song means to ME anyway, is there...
    prowler88on February 15, 2006   Link
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    General Commentnone of the unicorns sonsg make sense
    but i love them anyways.
    the_runawayon February 26, 2006   Link
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    General Commentsome tidbits.

    the title is more like "make harmless the harmless". when you innocuate someone against something you're making the something harmless. i don't know, you could argue this because it's really just how you interpret how the word is used, but this is more how i look at it.

    also, "somewhere in.. when you cry", your eye is kind of "tight" when you are scowling or glaring at someone, but then he stops when he sees someone crying.

    the idea about it having to do with an former/current lover makes sense. i really don't see any politics speaking here.
    returnsandexchangeson March 14, 2006   Link

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