1st Chorus:
Aim for the flickering flame,
Day after day now with the rigorous training,
Face the pain but with a discipline brain,
Stay on point and you will see your little dreams

Became a big blaze,
And you slayed the beast that tried to stray you away,
From the gracious place that fed you peaceful plates,
I'm talking Chang, Jackson, Gomez and Rosenthal,
While many are called but few are chosen y'all,
If not with everybody then we gotta get with those involved.
Take charge, turn the feeble resource into a heaping reward, divi it up in three parts:
Peace and Love and Happiness,
If faced with love please acquiesce,
Reach out, re-route the apprehension,
Let it free, let it seep when it sets in,
Try again if it meets with rejection,
Love is the room and the heart is the entrance.

1st Chorus


Here, Ha,
Right now you in the place to be
You got myself, Lateef the Truth Speaking in the seat, the
Current master of ceremonies
So just sit back till I...

2nd Chorus:
Well if you came in here to have fun
then you're dealing with the crew that ranks #1
listen chillin', if you came in here for the funk you want illy
I'ma tell don't be no punk and that's for really

slap ya silly with the baseline slumpin break ya back with a beat thats bumpin', in fact!
I got a little sumthin' for all of them wanna be macks thats frontin'
that'll even get your girls body on the floor thumpin'
vertical humpin', with the clothing crumpling bubblin' up in them sugar walls'll come tumblin' down
when she hears the sound fill the space thunderin' ground shakes when I take the stage rage rumbling
leavin' muthafuckas ponderin', grumblin', to themselves -lost
tweakin' and geekin' tryin' to delve a little deeper
head in the hold of a sleeper
thinkin' they could be or defeat us but gettin' neither
look man whatcha need to do is be cool
listen to the speaker, true act a fool but stay calm and collected don't get rejected style aint neglected
change gets affected thusly:
is what the best did, suckas get tested, and leave dejected
but self corrected, is self respected, is self elected to lead the lecture
what self expected, amongst conjecture,
you get ejected, if you let them catch ya up but self inspected is self protected
so before they getcha ya best ta check this, let me tell ya

2nd Chorus (x2)

Lyrics submitted by Demau Senae

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