I'mma be alright
live my life as long as I'm alive
I ride on five-eighty, but I'm not an eighty fiver
usually exit High
enough to fly like Egyptian gliders
bringing the message to the Black man like Elijah
Honorable, did I mention?
No dissent among the strivers
no tension
the fights are just the lessons
in life
I'm a subscriber to the Call
that's final
fiend for the knowledge
like my DJ feinds for vinyl
hold the microphone like a habitual user
like winos clutch wine bottles in my (their) death grotto
until my skin gets mottled
don't expect to get coddled
cuz see me patna
I wasn't raised in no family that got up to pops reading stocks
it was more like he was down the block at my uncles'
rollin' up chops, gettin' off knocks,
had the whole damn neigborhood on lock,
back before the game was hard, like rocks, yet lightweight like glocks
this shit don't stop
it's as frightening as the idea of a Million
Black men marching on Washington
might have been to some people
but then only if we're not equal as
shoulders get colder, individuals get older and bolder
I aint buyin' what they sold ya I'm a soldier
the Warriors first round number one pick like Joe Smith
thought I told ya I aint average
I manage to move my mandible rapidly to scold ya
got a powerfull rol(e)l as flamby as the average niggas plan B
outta be runnin shit in 96 ala Marcus Camby can be can he do it?
all night
'til the early morning breakadawn light
I flow like fluid out ya spicket, rough and wicked when I kick it yet
and I might just never even quit
because it's only to the will of Allah that I submit
and I might just never ever quit
because it's only to the will of Jah that I submit like that...

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    Lyric CorrectionAddition of Second Verse for you mate.. The 3rd line of the second verse is really hard to catch... never could figure it out completely, maybe you can help.

    "You must spread the word of the master teacher"

    The name's Lateef, if you got beef then you'll get cut up by the butcher's cutlery
    I'll sink my teeth into your neck, like a mastif cause fool, you're weak.
    I got five. On your cheek, I'll crash the boards and clash and slam upon that ass you fast ask.
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim, clean the glass, Im'a ??? that, the grease that keeps the system of victims with pickins oil?
    Stick with parlor tricks and politians actin' like they on a hell bent mission for the annihilation, desolation of the human nation.
    Brother listen, cause they testin' my patience. What I'm feelin' in the Wreckoning, The Quickening.
    Expression of the manifestation of victory, regardless of societies that sneak around in secrecy. You see...
    It gets deep, deep as history. Creeps like time since 4,000 B.C it's not a mystery.
    Lord knows reveals to my soul and it shows, I spit flows that will rock passed the 21st century.
    They tryin'a keep it real, but compared to what? When there aint even no backin' to their passin' buck.
    When you skip from the material shit they get stuck, trip they gon' slip, throw up a quip in the clutch.
    All because they really just don't give a fuck, and I'm righteous.
    And I might just never even quit, cause it's only to the will of Allah that I submit.
    Righteous and I might just never ever quit cause it's only to the will of Jah that I submit like that.
    azwethinwkeizon April 09, 2011   Link

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