if i should discorporate
trying to illuminate the lines
of my time
please tell the here and now
present the case somehow
and open up their lines

there is no growing
in knowing where you're going
without the light inside

what do you do when the magic's gone?
what do you do when the magic's gone away?
there is an ideal and i'm going to reach for it
there is an ideal and i'm going to try

open up your heart, open up your heart

there is no growing in knowing where you're going
without the light inside, without the light inside
without the light

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No Growing (Exegesis) song meanings
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    General CommentI always took it as a sort of statement on spirituality. "If I should discorporate" -- the word "discorporate" means "not having a physical body." If I were to discorporate and leave linear time and the day-to-day travails of my corporeal existence, in order to gain a wider perspective on my life experience here, I would try to use that wider perspective to illuminate "the lines of my time" and the "here and now" of my physical existence in linear time. Open it up to a wider perspective; look at the world differently and through a more enlightened, illuminated point of view. Having such knowledge and a wider perspective on this Earth existence and the divine nature of *everything* is the way one grows spiritually (I'm not talking religion; I'm talking spirit), and there is no growing and no real knowing without having that light of illumination inside. When the everyday trials and tribulation and "passion plays" of the world cause you to forget your true nature and the true scope of your and everyone and everything's existence in the larger scale of reality, then what do you do when that magic is gone? You remember this ideal -- you remember that you and everyone and everything is greater than this 3D existence shows upon first glance, and you remember that all of this is eternal and not tied to linear time and the Here and Now, and you remember that Love is all that matters. Open up your heart, open up your heart. And always keep that light inside.
    Bluewaveson July 04, 2010   Link

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